chin augmentation

If you are considering having chin augmentation surgery then you may wonder whether the results will achieve what you really desire and whether the surgery will make enough of a difference to your chin to be worth the expense and pain of the procedure.  Let’s look at some information about a Mentoplasty, or chin augmentation surgery so you can understand if its something you should do.

What Happens During Chin Augmentation Surgery?

Chin augmentation surgery is for people who want to change the appearance of their chin, and this can have dramatic effects on the whole look of the face.  A typical chin augmentation surgery takes about an hour to be performed but actually the important time is during the consultation phase when you sit down with the surgeon and describe what you want your new chin to look like.  Photographs will be uploaded digitally of your face, and then graphical images produced of what the end result will look like based on your description. The images can be tweaked until you like the final result. The surgeon will then base their surgical procedure on achieving that look for your chin.

The procedure is done by making a small incision in the crease beneath the chin which when healed will be unseen in this location and also well camouflaged due to its location in a crease.  Some surgeons opt for implanting through the mouth but for most surgeons the procedure carried out under the chin is preferred as it stops the implant from shifting upward, and decreases infection rates significantly.  Intra-oral surgery can also damage the nerves and muscles which control the lower lift so this is avoided by most experienced chin augmentation surgery specialists.

A silastic implant is made to measure and cut to achieve the size, projection, angle of the chin required and then inserted into the chin.  The implant is secured by it being inserted underneath the periosteum, which is a thin layer of strong tissue which is adhered to the bone. During the healing process the periosteum shrink wraps around the implant to secure it in place, so dissolving stitches are used to keep it in place initially until this happens.  After about four to five weeks the implant will be tightly secured by the natural periosteum tissue and make the implant feel and look like a natural part of the face.

If you decide that the end result is not desirable it is relatively simple to have the implant removed and another one inserted.

Recovery After Chin Augmentation Surgery

Recovering after chin augmentation surgery will usually take from three to seven days, and some bruising and swelling is expected.  You may feel some discomfort, and a feeling of tightness around the chin, but these will all subside. The external stitches which close the incision are usually removed after a week and by then most of the healing has already happened.  Of course you need to avoid strenuous activity for several weeks until the implant is fully secured.