Cosmetic and plastic surgery have long fascinated me and it is something which have used occasionally, for various parts of my body. When I was younger, the idea of cosmetic surgery was that it was incredibly extreme, but that opinion has changed over the years, both in the eyes of the state and of the general public. I was chatting last week with Alton Ingram MD, who works within the field of plastic surgery, to find out his thoughts on the cosmetic surgery trend here in the state of Florida, and the reason why the opinions have changed over the years.

Better Techniques

One of the keys as to why we now have more acceptable and more widespread cosmetic surgery is thanks to the innovation of new techniques and tools to do the job. Thanks to changing technology and new products, we are able to give a higher quality standard of plastic and cosmetic surgery, which has meant that the stigmas that were once attached to the practice, no longer exist.

More Education

Another aspect of why this industry is not what it once was, is because the education for people to go into cosmetic or plastic surgery, is far more accessible. In the past there was a very small amount of surgeons who would carry out cosmetic surgeries, these days however this is something which you can study in most med schools, and there is much more support and training for those who are looking at this as a viable career.


Unfortunately in the past there were some unscrupulous surgeons who were out for profit and nothing more, given that cosmetic surgery clinics were under the radar and generally unregulated. Thankfully however, after hearing of many horror stories and operations gone wrong, there is now a great of regulations on this medical practice and any drug which may be used, as well as a watchdog which will step into motion if required.

Lower Prices

The widespread availability of cosmetic surgery, couple with the new and higher quality techniques, has lead to a surge in the general public looking to have their bodies changed, tweaked and augmented. The result of this increased use and attention has resulted in much lower prices than ever before, after all, it all comes down to supply and demand. The result of this has been a chain reaction of people looking to take advantage of the low prices, and in turn this has altered the stigma that this was a treatment reserved only for the rich and famous in this world.

Wider Acceptance

As we have lost the stigma that is attached to cosmetic surgery, we have also lost the judgement which we once made about cosmetic treatments. These days people go off on their lunch break to have a tweak or a change, and nobody bats an eyelid.

All of these changes have taken place solely in the last 20 years, who knows what will happen in another 20.