If you want Botox treatment Washington D.C. then you’re probably looking at several advertisements and wonder which is the best one to go for.  Well with many things in life it is better to pay more for experience and quality rather than to go for the cheapest based on price.  It is important to have a Botox injectionist who knows where to inject the Botox and in what quantity, as this can be the difference between having an expressionless face or one that looks natural but younger.  Also you don’t want to waste your money on a Botox treatment only to have it done again a few weeks later when if done well it should last for several months before you need further injections.

What to Expect From Botox Treatment Washington D.C.

So what should you expect from having a Botox treatment when you go for the first time?  Some people are concerned about Botox before they have it when they hear it is a Botulinum Toxin, but actually it is an FDA approved safe and popular treatment that uses a protein from the toxin to carry out a natural process.

Botox works by interfering with the communication between nerve cells and muscle, to paralyze a muscles contraction.  When you think about it, the lines and creases on your face are actually the results of contracting muscles. So if paralyzed these muscles relax and the lines fade away after a few days, allowing the skin to smooth out and for a couple of months stay paralyzed.

An experienced doctor or injectionist carrying out Botox treatment will observe your face as you talk, laugh and smile to see exactly where the lines are and where they are emitting from.  They will then cleverly target the exact muscles that are creating the lines and creases so that these are the ones, rather than others which are paralyzed.

You will see results form your Botox within three to four days when the skin has smoothed out after the muscles are frozen, and you should continue to enjoy the results of your Botox treatment for three to months before you will need further injections.

Recovery From Botox Treatment

Botox injections are actually minimally invasive and should have very little impact on the rest of your day.  While your full appointment may be for an hour, the injections may only take ten to fifteen minutes and straight after you will be able to continue with your day as normal, returning to work or going about your activities.  You have to refrain from physical exertion for a couple of days but after that carry on your life as normal.

The day after surgery you may develop some bruising and swelling, but this will be minimalized by an experienced injectionist who knows the faces anatomy.  If you do have bruising it can be reduced using some medications take before and after your treatment, and also applying cold compression or ice can reduce swelling.