The answering service you choose for your business can have a profound effect on whether your business can continue to grow and look after its customers or not.  So why do you need to think about choosing an answering service near me, rather than a cheaper alternative abroad?

The Benefits of an Answering Service Near Me

If your business is at a stage where you’re considering using an answering service you have probably seen your business grow well over recent years and what you’re finding is that answering the phone is distracting your well paid team from what you’re actually paying them to do, which is skilled worked, and is slowing down your production and distracting your key people from work.  You wouldn’t mind if these were all customer enquiries but as you’ve become more visible in the market there are all sorts of sales people calling you up trying to sell you IT, toner cartridges, stationery supplies, energy, telephone services, and everything else.

Yes it’s a wise decision to outsource the answering of the phone because by doing that you and your team can do what you do best, meanwhile only the most important calls will get forwarded to you to deal with.  But now is the choice of whether to choose a very cheap call answering service in Mexico, India or elsewhere, or whether to choose a provider in the US, maybe within your own state.

Well consider this, there are many major benefits of choosing a local answering service, let’s discuss these.

First of all customer experience is an important part of how you got to where you are.  Customers loyally come back because you did a great job, they got their product on time and enjoyed dealing with your team.  Often as well customers choose a local supplier because they want to support local businesses, they could get it cheaper off Amazon from a company who import in bulk from China but using a local provider who knows their market and speaks to them as a human is what brings them back to you.  So it would be a major mistake to have the phone answered by someone who isn’t local. The banks made this mistake when they created call centers abroad, customer loyalty fell through the floor because communication problems with a call operator who doesn’t speak English as their first language, isn’t aware of local factors, and can’t escalate an issue to anyone meaningful.

By choosing a local answering service provider your customers won’t know their call isn’t being answered by someone in your company, sat in your building.  They’ll hear a familiar accent, talk about what the weather is like today and chat about the game last night. If they need a brochure sending out that can be fulfilled by the answering service too using local postage rates and sent next day.

Your customer journey can only be enhanced by using a local answering service, and will also free up your own team to concentrate on what makes money.