Tips for Enjoying Long-Distance Sex

Sex is a jolly good activity that brings numerous benefits to the skin, body, and mind. You see, engaging in regular sexual activity releases a burst of happiness hormones in the body, guards against the risk of heart disease, promotes collagen production for smoother and more beautiful skin, and even burns a few calories. It’s perfection, isn’t it?

However, the problem arises when external factors, such as an exchange program, moving to another city, or even the social confinement that is still imposed in many parts of the world, force couples to be physically separated. So, what can you do? Should you break up for good? Should you seek the services of the hottest escorts in Australia? Or should you try to handle the situation in some other way?

Regardless of the scenario, maintaining a long-distance relationship and sexual activity is not impossible, although it may be challenging. That’s why Skokka, along with the hottest Sydney escorts, is here to provide you with some tips to make it work.

Tips for Enjoying Long-Distance Sex

What is virtual sex?

The name says it all. Virtual sex is basically the practice of engaging in sexual activities without physical presence, using available technologies. Fortunately, nowadays there’s a wide range of options for having video calls, such as WhatsApp, Google Meet, and many others, which offer the possibility of having an equally or even more pleasurable experience than face-to-face contact.

At the same time, for singles or people without a stable partner, adult platforms like Skokka offer services like video calls, sexting, and much more through the most beautiful companions in Comodoro Rivadavia, with complete discretion and safety, as they are professionals capable of satisfying the most intimate desires.

4 tips for long-distance sex

1- Get to know your body well

Knowing your own body is one of the most important things when it comes to achieving sexual fulfillment. In a long-distance relationship, this becomes even more crucial because you are the one touching and pleasuring yourself, even if guided by your partner. A good piece of advice is to take advantage of moments of solitude to explore yourself a little more… Gently run your hands over your body and observe the sensations when touching each part of it.

2- Self-esteem and confidence

Another especially important factor when engaging in virtual sex is self-esteem. While it’s usually possible to keep the lights low or off during physical encounters, this isn’t possible when it’s done online. Exposing your body up close in a video call, for example, can be challenging for many.

However, it might help to understand that every body is perfect, regardless of marks, folds, or cellulite, and that this is unlikely to diminish your partner’s pleasure. They will probably even admire and enjoy it.

Safety is also important at this moment, meaning feeling secure with the person you’re having online sex with. To avoid the risk of any photos or videos being exposed on the internet, it’s best to choose a trusted partner or professionals like the sexy babes on website from Delhi.

3- Set the right environment

One of the biggest challenges for those starting out with online sex, as mentioned before, is embarrassment. Lack of familiarity can play a significant role, and creating the right environment can help. Ambient lighting, provocative lingerie, maintaining grooming habits if that’s what the couple usually does, and most importantly, the voice. Talking, conversing a lot, and making clear the level of excitement and desire you feel when seeing each other.

Tips for Enjoying Long-Distance Sex

4- Have great sex

Finally, the moment has arrived to have sex and give it your all. It’s time to unleash all your desires, engage in erotic games, say the dirtiest things, and have fun without worrying too much.

Guided masturbation works really well in these cases, where your partner suggests which areas to touch and the intensity of the touch. Depending on your imagination, you might even think that they are physically touching you, which helps to achieve maximum pleasure. It’s time to stimulate your imagination, explore fetishes, and enjoy to the fullest, even if not in person.

Whether it’s a long-distance couple, a long-term marriage, or a fun time with an Skokka Singapore escort, long-distance or virtual sex can be an excellent alternative to overcome nostalgia and add some spice to things, while bringing the couple closer as they share pleasure. The rule is to surrender and enjoy all the sensations that this moment offers. After all, it’s a journey towards learning and rediscovering the nuances of pleasure.