Benefits of Not Running Your Business From Home

Recently, the idea of remote work has become much more than just a dream for a lot of people. It’s a reality. So, for many business owners, it’s the go-to setup, as it seems to be the right thing to do; after all, it saves money, it’s meant to make your team more productive and allows for a better work-life balance. 

However, although these things might be true for some, it won’t be the case for everyone, and in fact, it could be that having an office makes a lot more sense for you. With that in mind, read on to discover the benefits of not running your business from home

A Professional Look

First impressions are so important in business, and it can be the difference between finding new customers or losing them, and it can be the difference between success and failure. If you have an office at home, it’s going to be hard to make that first impression a positive one, as you’ll have no way to make the space truly professional and credible. 

If you rent office space from, however, you can immediately give the right impression to any potential customer, partner, supplier, or investor, and that could make your business grow. 

On top of that, having your own office outside the home can make you stand out and be memorable in those people’s eyes; you’ll be different from the majority of other businesses because you’ve decided against remote work and to have an office for people to go to instead. 

More Productivity 

There’s some evidence that working from home makes people more productive because they’re less stressed and can have a better work-life balance, meaning they can be more focused on their work because they’re not worried about other things. 

That does make sense, but it’s equally true that working from home can be a distraction in itself. When there are other people around, there might be noise and disruption all the time, plus it can be tempting to stop work to get housework done, take deliveries, watch TV, or anything else that might be there. When there’s a separate place to go to work, these disruptions will disappear and more work will get done

Better Work-Life Balance 

Having a good work-life balance is crucial, but it’s not always easy, and you might think that working from home would give your team that balance because there’s no commute, and they can prioritize their personal life, for example. 

The problem is that to have a good work-life balance, you have to be able to separate your work life from your private life, and when you work from home, that’s almost impossible, even if you have a separate office. The temptation to check emails or answer messages or even work longer hours will always be there. 

If you go to an external office instead, you can be done with work when you leave, and focus on your personal life instead without being tempted back to the laptop for any reason. Although there’s a commute to contend with, when you lay it all out, leaving the house to go to work can often result in a better work-life balance overall.