5 Perfect Ideas for Designing a Backyard

If there’s one thing the pandemic taught us, it’s to appreciate and make the most of our outdoor spaces.

Maybe you’re hoping to create the perfect outfitted backyard, but you’re not sure where to start. One of the first things you should do when designing a backyard is think about what you want its purpose to be.

Is it a space for entertaining guests? A play area for the kids? A serene oasis just for you? 

Once you’ve determined the backyard’s purpose, it’s time to get started. Keep reading for backyard design tips that will help you create the beautiful backyard of your dreams. 

1. Add a Water Feature

Whether it’s a soothing fountain, fish-filled koi pond, or in-ground swimming pool, adding water to your backyard is a great addition for any season.

If you enjoy the sound of water, install a small waterfall or fountain to create a relaxing atmosphere. There are lots of ways to incorporate a water feature into your backyard seamlessly. 

2. Connect Areas with Pathways

If you’re designing a backyard that will have multiple areas, such as one for plants, one for dining or lounging, and one for play, pathways are a great way to connect them while also keeping them separate. 

Choose flat stones to use as the walkway, spacing them out to create stepping stones. Pathways will not only make your backyard look more thought out and put-together, but it’ll also make walking through it safer. 

3. Put Thought into Your Plants

Maybe you want to grow your own veggies or herbs in the backyard, or perhaps you’d rather design an oasis of colorful flowers that attract your favorite beneficial insects.

While just choosing plants you like the look of works, it’s a good idea to choose ones that have a purpose, such as plants native to your community. 

4. Add Comfy Seating and Shade Options

What’s a backyard without a comfortable place to sit and enjoy your surroundings? 

Pick out seating, whether it’s to put around a dining table or to arrange around a fire pit. Prioritize furniture that you like sitting in, opting for cushioned seating if desired. 

Adding an umbrella or other shaded structure is a great way to provide some shade in your backyard for those extra sunny or rainy days.

5. Show Off Your Personality

The interior of your home isn’t the only space for you to show off your personality.

Add finishing touches to your backyard that celebrate your interests and that create focal points. For example, you might select colorful throw pillows, pick out unique garden sculptures, or strategically place bird attractions around the yard (look here for the best bluebird houses!). 

Designing a Backyard That’s a Reflection of You

Designing a backyard doesn’t have to be difficult. Create a backyard layout that works for you and your family, and add elements to it that represent your personality and interests. 

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