5 Common Artwork Buying Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Global sales of art and antiques reached a revenue of $50.1 billion in 2021. Yet it is not just expensive pieces raising this total, but affordable artwork made for people’s homes and property. But if you are thinking of investing in artwork for your home, do you know how to find the right piece?

If not then we can assist. Read on as we discuss the artwork buying mistakes you need to avoid. 

1. Buying Artwork Unsuitable for Your Space

If you are buying artwork to decorate your home, then know where it will go. Without doing so you can end up with pieces that are too small or large for the space. 

Decide if your artwork will be the main focus on the wall, or will it be alongside a selection of smaller pieces? After this, think about how it fits in with the design of your furniture and decor. Will you need to move furniture around or change other elements in the room?

2. Factor Framing Into Your Budget

When you have a budget arranged, it is not just the canvases for art you need to purchase. A great frame can set a piece of artwork off, and a poor or cheap one won’t do. That is why you need to have the price of framing included in your costs.

The materials and labor for framing don’t come cheap. You may need a special glass to protect the picture or a specific type of frame. Make sure you have the total cost arranged before you walk away with the art. 

3. Following Trends in Art

Fashions come and go, then come round again. If you are following trends and buying to make a profit, you need to be ahead of the curve. Most people chasing trends end up putting their money into artwork that is not unique, or buying it as it is just about to go out of fashion. 

Instead, curate unique pieces you like. You will develop your style and soon see themes in the pieces you collect. The artwork in your property will be something you love and you may even grab something that grows in value along the way.

4. Not Buying From Trusted Sellers

When buying artwork online, make sure you check out trusted sellers. Even dealers from global locations, such as experts on art from China, will have online reviews you can check out. This ensures you don’t get ripped off and everything is above board. 

5. Buying Quote Art

Quotes on walls and furniture have become a prominent interior design trend over the past few years. Very often, this can be mass-produced with little emotional connection to the owner of the home. Once again, make sure you choose something that matters to you. 

Avoiding Artwork Buying Mistakes

Now you know these artwork buying mistakes, you can attempt to avoid them. Have a budget and buy what you like, not what is in fashion. Do your research and ensure you are buying from reputable dealers. 

If you need advice when decorating and furnishing your home, then we are here to provide assistance. From art collections to interior design, our articles can help make your property look stunning in the coming year.