The Amazing Benefits of Lithium Batteries for off Grid Living

For those that are not yet living off the grid, the term might conjure images of a secluded cottage in the middle of nowhere. Or those already living off the grid might think of the maintenance and costs of replacing batteries.

However, improvements in off grid power storage have seen more people adopting this lifestyle.

Lithium batteries are the current gold standard in deep cycle batteries, with energy density ranging from 100 to 265 Wh/kg.

Living off grid with solar energy is not only better for the environment, but you also eliminate or decrease your dependence on the grid. Keep reading to learn about the benefits of lithium batteries for off grid living.

They Last Much Longer

The lifespan of a battery is usually rated as a number of cycles. Each time a battery is discharged and charged again, it counts as 1 cycle.

The rated number of cycles will vary depending on the depth of discharge (DoD). Lithium batteries generally achieve 4,000 or more cycles at 50% DoD. The lower the DoD percentage, the more cycles you will get from your battery.

In contrast, a typical lead-acid battery only achieves around 500 to 1,000 cycles at 50% DoD.

As they become more affordable, lithium batteries offer excellent value for money over the course of their lifetime.

Highly Efficient Charging and Discharging

Lithium batteries have less internal resistance, which means they’re compatible with a greater charge rate. Thanks to its efficient design, the lithium iron phosphate battery is excellent as a solar battery. They recover energy from solar panels especially well compared to lead-acid batteries.

Lithium batteries also use a simpler charging process. Unlike lead-acid batteries, they do not require multistage charging.

Lithium batteries provide superior amp-hours during the discharge phase compared to lead-acid batteries. A lithium battery can be discharged to 80% without a massive impact on cycle life.

For lead-acid batteries, it is not recommended to discharge beyond 50% before recharging.

Lightweight But Effective for Off Grid Living

One of the biggest benefits of a lithium battery is how lightweight they are compared to other common battery types. The typical lithium battery is only half to one-third the mass of a lead-acid battery.

Despite their lower mass, lithium batteries effectively supply power for off grid living. They are even capable of providing enough current for high-power appliances, such as coffee machines and microwaves.

These batteries also maintain their voltage over the length of the cycle. This is in contrast to lead-acid batteries where the voltage starts to decrease even at the beginning of the cycle.

Upgrade Your Off Grid Living

Whether you are upgrading your equipment for off grid living or are starting out with a new setup, lithium batteries will light up your life in a way cheaper batteries cannot.

Lithium batteries charge efficiently and are more effective at delivering power. This makes them the ideal battery for off grid living. Their longer lifespan also means you get value for money and a battery you can rely on for years.

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