las vegas

For those going to Las Vegas for the first time, one of their top priorities will be seeing a show. Vegas is famous not only for the gambling, but for the fabulous, OTT shows that they host year round. With so many huge stars having residencies there, it’s hard to know where you’ll go first. Here’s some of the most unusual shows in Vegas that you’ll want to check out.

  1. O by Cirque De Soleil

Cirque De Soleil have become world famous, performing a variety of shows all over the globe. They’ve done several in Vegas, but nothing quite like O. This show can most easily be explained as a high wire stunt show above water, but it’s so much more than that. You’ll need to see it to believe it.

  1. Penn & Teller

This magical double act have been working for years at the Rio Hotel and Casino, wowing guests with their sleights of hand and their political commentary. It’s a magic show unlike anything else you’ve ever seen. If you’re lucky, you’ll even get to see them describe how some of their most famous tricks are done.

  1. Blue Man Group

You’ve never seen a musical show quite like this. The Blue Man group entertain the crowds using unusual instruments such as pipes and interacting with them in new and exciting ways. If you’re lucky, you may even be asked up on stage with them for a romantic ‘date’. The show’s been around for years now, but it’s always kept up to date with new and current references.

  1. Absinthe

This risqué show will take you back to the days of travelling freak shows and snake oil salesmen. There’s high wire performers, dancing, and more. There’s nothing quite like it on the strip, and some visitors are already saying it’s the best show in Vegas right now.

  1. 50 Shades: The Parody

Everyone knows all about the Fifty Shades craze that happened recently. This stage show perfectly sends it up, parodying the hit books and the suburbanite women who devoured them. It makes the less than stellar writing and plot lines fascinating in a way that you never thought was possible. It’s certainly one of the most unusual shows in Vegas right now.

  1. Zombie Burlesque

Set in 1958, zombies have come to take over the world in this stage show. Rather than eating brains though, they’re putting on a burlesque show for their patrons, in this unique and exciting show at Planet Hollywood.

  1. Purple Reign

Once upon a time you’d go to Vegas to see tributes to Elvis, but nowadays guests are flocking to see Purple Reign, a tribute to the dearly departed Prince. The show features all his best hits, together with the showman ship the singer was known for.

These are just a tiny sampling of the shows that are currently running in Vegas. If you’re looking for something a little bit different, then book your tickets now before you make your trip.