Hiking is a very enjoyable as well as healthy exercise said to relatively reduce the rate of heart attack among other illnesses. While planning to go for a hike, wear sturdy hiking boots, pack some water and snacks, carry with you sunscreen, sunglasses and a raincoat, and don’t forget to carry a camera to capture the goodness of nature and in them memories to last with you forever. One of the places most famous for spectacular hiking spots is Los Angeles, California, and the popular spots include;

Bridge to Nowhere.

This is a 900ft bridge that was built in 1936 in Asuza, California in the San Gabriel Mountains. It is accessible through a 10 mile round trip hike that will take one about 4 hrs, 30mins. Apart from hiking, one can swim in any of the river fords that lead up to the bridge. These river fords span across the San Gabriel River’s East Ford.

Eaton Canyon Trail.

The hike is about 3.8 miles and goes about 592 feet. It will take one about one and a half hours, best taken during the spring season in order to watch a beautiful display of the Flora and fauna as well as native plant garden. During the hike, you will cross several stream crossings leading up to a 40ft waterfall popular due to its cooling mist during summer, and a small pool by its base where one can dive when it becomes too hot.

Topanga State Park.

The 7 miles round trip features open grassland, live oaks as well as a beautiful view of the Pacific ocean. You will find geological formations like sedimentary formations, marine fossils, volcanic intrusions and earthquake faults. The Topanga State Park is located in the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreational Area. To the south of the park is the Pacific Palisades, the Topanga Canyons to its West and the Rustic Canyons to its East.

Vasquez Rocks.

Located in the Sierra Pelona Mountains in the town of Agua in Los Angeles, the hike goes round 3 miles for about 2 hrs and is about 310 feet. These rocks form sharp angles along the San Andreas Fault and were further reformed by water and wind erosion. This hike will let you explore the area’s earthquake geology as well as the healing process from the 2007 wildfire. An interesting fact about the rocks is that they were named after a California bandit called Tiburcio Vasquez. The Pacific Crest Trail passes through the rocks.

Escondido Canyon.

This features a 4.2 miles round trip for about 2hrs. It will take you through oak woodlands, riparian woodlands and at the end of the trail, the spectacular 50 feet Escondido Falls.

Bronson Canyon/ Bronson Caves.

It is from here you will have the best view of the Hollywood Sign. It is a section of Griffith park in L.A, and one of the shortest hikes -40ft, lasting approximately fifteen minutes.

Other sites include among others; The Wisdom Tree and Cahuenga Peak, Los Liones Canyon, Malibu Creek State Park, The Switzer Falls, Paradise Falls, and Mishe Mokwa Trail to Sandstone Peak and Tri Peaks.