Before starting to define why communication is a must in a relationship, we need to explain what exactly is communication. Communicating means exchanging information to be able to understand each other, with communication you are able to explain what you are experiencing and the other person is able to understand this. If something makes relationships work is having great communication among the both of you. If you are looking to have a healthy relationship where you both are transparent to each other about what you do, and you are also able to express yourself freely with your partner, you both need to communicate. It is indeed a key factor to have a great relationship, and if you are looking to have future with your loved one you should definitely take interest in this key aspect.

  1. It is easier to deal with conflict

When you both encounter a bump along the path, the easiest way to resolve this is by speaking. There is nothing that will fix better a problem than talking about it and debating what you both can do to make it better or repair what has been done.

  1. You are able to fix things and change things you both don’t like

With communication you are most likely to make it work in a better way. You can learn more about the other person and understand why they act in a certain way, what they like and what do they dislike. Not only you can find things in common, but also you can avoid a lot of conflicts by knowing that your partner doesn’t like. You are most likely to get along better when you understand each others needs and what you don’t like in a certain way.

  1. Honesty is key

To be in a healthy relationship, you both need to be honest about what you do and feel, and the only way you do this is by communicating and talking about this. Your partner is supposed to be the person that accepts you and loves you with all of your perfections and flaws, so being sincere to one another is a key factor for making the relationship work. And in the worst scenarios, where partners have cheated on their loved ones, the best way to try to fix the situation is by being honest about what happened and talking all about it.

  1. You understand each other better

When you communicate you know each other more, you grow closer and you definitely understand your partner better.  When you share your feelings with one another, and when you listen to each other you become more intimate and definitely strengthen your bond.

  1. Communication doesn’t have to be verbal

Physical communication is a thing too. Where the physical interaction between the both of you says more than a thousand words. You can say you are “okay”, but if the person doesn’t want to kiss you, hold you, or be intimate with you, then they are communicating something completely different. Our body communicates a lot of what we want to say, and maybe with words we don’t do it. Holding each other, flirting, kissing, embracing each other, holding hands, or even the slightest touch says a lot too. Don’t forget this aspect of communication.