A dad is the most awesome person in the world. They help us grow, and guide us on the path to be a better person. Showing appreciation for all their hard work is really all we can do, and what better way to do so than by giving them some great tech gifts. Especially if your dad is a person that follows tech trends, they’ll be doubly thankful for the well thought out gift that you’ve given him.

Smart TV

If your father is a fan of cinema, and enjoys spending time at the movies, then a top of the line smart TV is an excellent choice. For example, the LG OLED lineup, or the Samsung QLED TV with Quantum Dots. These spectacular smart TVs offer state of the art technology that allows for an unforgettable experience each time when watching a film.

Smart Grill

When it comes to luxury tech gifts, you can’t go wrong with the latest smart grills, like the Lynx Freestanding 42-inch smart grill. This goes doubly if your dad prefers to organize BBQs, and invite friends over for some grill. The Smart Grill is voice activated, and works for both Android and iOS – since it has apps for both. Sensors that help with cooking are also part of the grill, so he’ll always know when the food will be ready.

Surface Pro of MacBook Pro Laptops

An excellent choice that will help him a lot in everyday life, as well as allow him to work any type of work on these laptops. Both the Surface Pro and MacBook Pro are top of the line laptops, with the best hardware and technology available for laptops. They’ll last him for a long time, and you can bet he’ll enjoy his time using them.

Kindle Oasis

The lightest and thinnest Kindle ever made, it’s the perfect gift for a dad that loves books. It has an extremely long battery life – over eight weeks – and has amazing lighting even compared to other Kindles. It’s capable of storing thousands of books, and with the 3D and Wi-Fi combo, it’s able to download books anytime and anywhere.

VR Set

Getting your dad a VR kit like the Oculus Rift or the HTC Vive, can be an amazing gift if your father geeks out over virtual reality. Only make sure that he already has a really powerful PC that can handle VR first, but once the set gets hooked to the computer, he’s bound to have an amazing time exploring virtual reality.

Good Headphones

For an audiophile father, there’s nothing better than amazing headphones. Models like Sennheiser 820, or the Audeze LCD-XC, are the way to go. These are some of the best headphones out there, so they’re excellent choices for a dad that likes listening to high quality music on high quality equipment.

Showing appreciation to dads is the least we can do. They’ve helped us become better persons, so they deserve to receive tech gifts such as these. There are plenty of great items for great dads out there, so be on the lookout for things you know your dad will like.