We have all dreamt of owning land out in the country, especially if from childhood you’ve enjoyed vacationing out in the country perhaps hunting, fishing, hiking.  The variety of beautiful land in the US is stunning and surprisingly the purchase of land can be relatively cheap.  So where can you find mountain cabins for sale to pick from?

Where to Find Mountain Cabins For Sale

You could of course drive locally and look for Sale boards for land and cabins that are being sold right now.  You could also ask your local country agent what they have available.  But there is now a much easier way to peruse country land and accommodation for sale, as there are now a few online agents which list properties across the US.  You no longer have the choice of purchasing in your own county and state but can look much further afield if you are happy to travel.  The great advantage of this is you may be able to buy a larger piece of land with a larger cabin for less in another area.  Usually the more remote a spot the cheaper the land.  You may even be able to find something that could eventually become your permanent home, or that you could rent out to vacationers.

How to Choose the Best Mountain Cabin and Land

There are several things to consider when choosing land and cabins.  First and foremost is what you will use the land for.  If your intention is to just go on holiday there once or twice per year, enjoy being in the countryside, hiking and camping out, then most tracts of land will suit.  However, if there are certain activities you wish to do as well including fishing, hunting, canoeing, swimming, or mountain biking, then you need to choose a piece of land that can accommodate that.  However, do consider that as a vacation spot other activities may be available in the surrounding area.

Second thing to consider is the type of accommodation that is available on the land.  There can be a big difference between log cabins, ranging from one room cabins with no utilities to large cabins with several bedrooms, a working kitchen, bathrooms and fireplaces.  The enjoyment of your vacation will vary dependent on this so ensure you know what the cabin is like before committing to buying a specific piece of land.  Of course, its worth considering that you can have your own cabin built on the land after purchase, with some permits and regulations followed it shouldn’t take too long to have your dream cabin built there.

Choices when selecting the bets land for you might also include considering things such as whether it has direct road access, whether there are fishing and hunting license approvals in place, what utilities are connected to the land including phone line, perhaps cell phone reception, electricity, and water.  These extra luxuries will come into play if you decide to stay longer or possibly relocate there.