Last month I was traveling between New York and Chicago and on the plane I met Joseph Cipolla Chicago businessman and genuinely one of the nicest people I have ever met. Joseph and I began with the usually niceties and then of course, as is the case with most conversations at the moment, we started to chat about the pandemic. More specifically, we were discussing how amazing the human spirit is and how this year has really shown those who are prepared to sacrifice for others, and those who are not interested in helping at all, Joseph very much falls into the former category.

The point of all of this, and the point which Joseph and I discussed at length, is how important it is that all of us look to be charitable wherever we possibly can, and here is why.

Failures of The State

We mentioned that this year has shone a light on those who are just in it for themselves, and that is sadly the cause of a lot of the reasons why we need to have charities in the first place. Greedy people and people who are not prepared to help, they are the biggest cause of those who are facing problems. This is just the reality which we are facing and ultimately the rest of us, the good people, are the ones who have to pick up the pieces. We have to help our fellow man and this is the way to do it.


Much is made of the salaries of charity CEOs but the reality is that they should be recompensed for their great work and thanks to this salary the charities are able to bring in brilliant people who can ultimately contribute more to the charity. Beyond the board however, the overwhelming majority of people who work within a charity are there on a voluntary basis. This is why we have to help, because they are depending on people doing so.

Lifting Up From The Bottom

A point which Joseph made which I completely agree with is that when someone does well for themselves, such as a business, they will then have the power to bring up others from the bottom. Sadly there is a number of individuals who do well and then they pull the ladder up so that nobody else can, this is a terrible attitude to have and this is why we have to ensure that as individuals and as business owners that we recognize that there are people struggling and that we have the means to help them out.


the selfish and non-helpful attitudes of so many is what has heavily contributed towards the erosion of the community, and this is something which has to end. We should be more united and the best way to do that is to ensure that the most vulnerable people in the community are cared for, if we can do that then we can bring back communities which work for and with each other.