In an ongoing effort to support humanitarian organizations helping adults and children around the world, Victor Restis and the Restis Family Foundation contribute significant monetary support to various charity organizations. In many cases, Mr. Restis directs the corporate social responsibility programs of his company, Enterprises Shipping & Trading S.A. to support – though monetary donations and by conducting food/clothing drives – to get involved with several social programs in Greece needing assistance. 

In the past, organizations such as “Joy,” “Amimoni,” “Argo,” “Ark of the World,” and the organization “Smile of the Child” have received much needed support from Mr. Restis, the family foundation and from the staff of Enterprise Shipping & Trading S.A. In addition to the many social, educational and healthcare-related programs, the Restis Family Foundation provides support to families who have fallen upon financial hardships and who face economic difficulties. 

Mr. Restis’s involvement with organizations such as The Labour Center of Piraeus for Deprived Families of the Shipbuilding Zone of Perama is one just one of many examples. The group that receives a majority of support from Mr. Restis and the family foundation are children. Victor Restis and the Restis Family Foundation display a strong commitment to organizations focusing on the health, well-being and education of children. This is evident through the many charities serving children including the Protection Company for Young Boys of Athens (E.P.A.A.), the Orphanage of Piraeus “Children’s House” and the “Pedopolis of St. Andreas” in Alimos, Pedopolis Agios Andreas (St. Andrew’s Children’s Town), and the Greater Stellenbosch Development Trust (GSDT).

In addition to these, the Restis family also helps the foundation “St. Tabitha” in the area of Livadia, Greece. This foundation is under the guidance and management of the local metropolis and cares for orphaned girls, raising them until they reach adulthood. The support by Victor Restis and family provides includes food, clothing, and educational opportunities.