Local Business

At the beginning of this pandemic business expert Cash Myricks said that he believed the only natural thing to do in order to support the community was for more people to use local businesses. Given just how profitable corporate giants like Amazon have been in the last 8 months, it would appear that not everyone had paid attention to that advice. The question here however is that it is not only during the pandemic that we should be using local businesses, this is something which we should be doing anyway.

Here is exactly why we have to switch the focus back to small businesses and support those in our local community.


What so many of us fail to recognize is that our custom for small businesses is essential to the survival of that business. his is not the same as when we decide to switch super markets for example, after all it is likely that Walmart will survive without your custom. The smaller businesses however, they really do depend on the local community to survive, as this year has clearly shown us.

Service and Quality

What is that can really set the small business apart from a large giant like Amazon? The key difference is in the big businesses and the small business is that you can count on high quality products and services from small businesses which you simply cannot from small businesses.

Life In the Community

Something which so many forget about is what the result of an all online world would look like. Just imagine what the high street would look like, the amount of conversations which would lose and social connections which we would no longer make. These are very serious issues which are going to have a terrible impact on what and who we are as a society. You may think that this sounds over the top but already our high streets are dying and there are so many people who now wouldn’t think about starting their own business because they feel that they wouldn’t find success. Online shopping is all well and good but we have to remember the little guys too, they are what keeps our communities going.


It may feel more convenient to buy things online but in reality this isn’t actually true. You still have to wait for the product, check to see if it matches with what you want and what you expected and then possibly return it. If you go to small business you can see the product, feel it and make a decision before you buy. The reality is that all you have to do in order to benefit from a small business is to get up, get out and visit that business.

There are many small businesses which we have lost this year, and it is time that we stopped that from happening through the supporting of our local small businesses.