All across the country, there are beautiful campuses. The west coast has some wonderful warm climate schools, while the east coast schools feel crisp and beautiful during the fall. Universities across the country also offer college football, thereby ensuring the community can enjoy themselves during the weekends. Of course, to enjoy the atmosphere, you will generally look for more than only beautiful scenery. It is about experiencing an almost contagious energy. Schools have their own loyal fan groups that cheer on their team, regardless of how they are performing. If you would like to experience college football from spectator’s point of view, then Jack Elway recommend you try the following schools.

Top College Football Schools According to Jack Elway

  • The OIe Miss Rebels, found in Oxford Mississippi. If you want to experience what college football is like as a spectator, then this is definitely the coolest place to go. Every Saturday, a huge fan base full of energy shows up and you will be experiencing this the minute you hit the huge tailgate at the Grove. The Grove is the campus area where the tailgates start up. Parties are being held before the game for extra enjoyment. It is unlike anything in the country, with a fantastic atmosphere and energy that you will not be able to find anywhere else.
  • University of Wisconsin Madison Wisconsin. It is all about the tailgate atmosphere here. The fan base of the University of Wisconsin is strong to the core. No matter how well or how bad the team is doing, the fans will be there. Regardless of whether it’s raining or sunny, they will be there. Wisconsin is known for their Sub-Zero winter temperatures, but this does not stop the fans from being there. Nor does it stop them from offering everybody a fantastic experience. The tailgate is outside and fans have numerous grills that you can join. Additionally, it offers a fantastic bar scene that it’s truly not to be missed.

As you can see, what Jack Elway believes makes these things so worthy of a visit is there tailgate parties. For those who don’t know college football, tailgating may be somewhat of a foreign concept. Essentially, it is a social event in which people gather around the boot, or tailgate, of a car and grill food and consume beverages. The parties are held in the stadium parking lot before the game, with some of them continuing afterwards as well. Not every vehicle has a tailgate, but people are always still welcome to join, particularly if they bring some food for a barbecue and some drinks to share. The aim of the tailgate is to not be commercial so there should not be any selling of drinks, food, or even sports paraphernalia. So popular are tailgates, that they are now even seen at concerts, barbecues, sweet 16 parties, and weddings. It is a true example of what makes America great and is not to be missed.