If you want to book a cheap vacation, start by finding a booking site that allows you to compare hotel and vacation rental prices across platforms. Reservations.com connects users to the lowest prices for hundreds of thousands of vacation rentals and hotels worldwide. The following article discusses strategies for booking a budget-friendly vacation.

Do you want to book a cheap vacation? Maybe you can go somewhere where the living costs and quality of life are extremely low and enjoy a bit of poverty tourism. Or find an old college roommate who lives out of state and sleep on their couch, if they’re willing. You could also try the vagabond lifestyle and hop freight trains and see where they carry you. Perhaps the cheapest of all is the “staycation” option, where you stay home and pretend you’re enjoying the local culture when you’re just sleeping in and catching up on episodes of “The Crown.”

Okay – “cheap” vacations sound like kind of “meh” at best and a nightmare at worst. But no one wants to overpay for their vacation accommodations; even if you wanted an all-inclusive, no expense spared, luxury retreat, you’d feel a little bit shafted if you paid $20,000 for the whole shebang and met someone who paid $13,500 for an identical experience. Naturally, if you’re looking for an easy-on-the-wallet mini-break, even a few dollars will make a significant difference. If you find a room for $85 per night, you can quite reasonably infer that a $69 per night room in a slightly less pricey neighborhood in the same city is basically of comparable quality. So, how do you find these little reasonably priced treasures? You can use Reservations.com!

Reservations.com allows you to compare hotel room prices on a variety of booking sites using their easy-to-navigate platform. Additionally, you can take advantage of the following features:

  • Secure, easy-to-use interface
  • Reviews of all of the vacation rentals
  • Dedicated, 24-hour customer support
  • Access to RCLUB membership

RCLUB membership is as easy as using Reservations.com to book your hotel, and you get numerous additional benefits, including VIP discounts and Travel Advisor access that gives you in-depth support when you need help navigating a complicated, unfamiliar region.

But saving money during your vacation may involve taking additional measures. If you want to maximize your savings during your vacation, keep these tips in mind:

  • Don’t eat out at every meal. Finding a vacation rental with a kitchen may save you a significant amount of money on restaurants and room service. Buy a few breakfast and lunch items you can assemble and take with you so you don’t spend unreasonable amounts of money refueling during the day. It’s also a good idea to shop at the local farmer’s markets, because you not only get the best produce in the area, you get to spend a morning or afternoon enjoying the local scenery!
  • Research free activities before your trip. Every city on earth has a festival season with free admission. These offer great opportunities to enjoy the local color without overspending.
  • Find CityPass cards (or their equivalent). Major cities will offer tourism cards that give access to popular attractions at a discounted rate. They also allow users to skip ahead in long lines at selected tourist sites, something that can come in mighty handy!

Vacations don’t have to break the bank to be amazing. Reservations.com and a few savvy traveler tips will help you keep your budget in check during a fantastic holiday!

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