There is nothing more painful and debilitating than a headache, well alright, perhaps there may be some things more painful and debilitating, but when you have a headache, it sure doesn’t feel like it. Headaches are caused by a number of factors from stress to dehydration, and they can really take you off your feet.

What do you do when you feel a headache coming on? Hit the pills? There are more ways however that you can get rid of your headache, without taking tablets which can cause other issues to the body and Dr. Balpal Sandhu is just the right person to help us with these drug-free headache cure tips.

Close Your Eyes and Rest

The most effective way of getting rid of a headache is to shut yourself away in a dark room, close your eyes and wait for it to pass by, if you can, try to get some sleep. The light alerts the eyes and this puts additional pressure on your head, which can make it hurt more. When you are asleep you will be completely at rest and this gives the body the chance to get blood pumping into the brain and around the neck muscles, which will alleviate the head pain.


If you close your eyes and massage your neck and temples, then this can help to increase blood flow to those areas and cause you some relief. The massaging itself has the short term effect of relieving pain in these areas, and the increased blood flow should cause you some more long term relief.

Warm and Cold

Different types of headaches react differently to hot and cold compresses, so the best thing that you can do is to try both. First place a warm towel around your neck, and another warm compress on your forehead, to see if this helps to get rid of the pain. If this doesn’t soothe you then do the exact same thing only this time use a cold compress on the neck and the forehead. This will help to relax the miscues and increase blood flow to the affected areas.

Get Rid of Stress

Anything which stresses you out is going to be terrible for your headache so the best thing to do is take yourself out of the environment. If you are in a noisy place or somewhere such as work where there is lots going on and people need things from you, it is only going to make your headache worse. Try to find a quiet room to get away from it all and focus on getting rid of that headache instead of making things worse.

Drinking Water

Make sure that the only thing that you drink is water, don’t eat anything as this can exasperate the problems. Until that headache has gone, keep it pure h2o, which will help to rehydrate the body and help it to fight off the headache.