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Times are tough for millions in today’s economic climate. With pressures both locally and internationally on most career sectors, ensuring you are as competitive as possible in terms of employment is not just recommended, but practically mandatory. With more than 40 percent of young people pursuing and/or obtaining four-year college degrees, the level of competition that modern-day workers face is unprecedented.

To ensure maximum earning potential for you and your family, a formal, post-secondary education is essential. However, not all college degrees and programs provide equal long-term financial benefit and job security. Combined with the stresses of modern life – many have to not only work, but care for children and family members, balance social lives and look after their own well-being – and conventional education can be quite difficult to pursue.

Thankfully, online learning is now easier and more efficient than ever. While some degree programs and careers must be trained for via in-person settings, some are easily pursued via online or distance-based learning. Here are five careers in particular that offer job security and great pay while also being easily pursued via online learning.


The field of nursing is one of the most rapidly-growing economic sectors in the United States and the developed world today. As life expectancy continues to increase and the percentage of the population that is older does as well, the need for qualified healthcare professionals is larger than ever. 

Entry-level nursing programs can be pursued via online learning with as little as one to two years of education. However, those willing to go the extra mile and substantially increase their earnings in the process can pursue nursing leadership courses via online means. These degree programs are usually pursued following one of the many two-year or four-year degree programs in nursing.

Nursing leadership courses for nursing graduates offer a litany of mid-stage and late-career opportunities for healthcare workers. From working in hospital administration settings to providing healthcare analysis for private corporations, nursing leadership courses maximize earning potential for the long-term and can be earned in as little as 18 months. 

Combined with a comprehensive understanding of nursing from prior educational and occupational pursuits, nursing leadership courses can effectively guarantee permanent, high-income employment regardless of where you live or decide to work.


Every brand and business in the known world need a comprehensive strategy for increasing brand awareness, persuading new customers and clients, and building authority within their natural markets. Since the dawn of commerce itself, these broader components have fed into the broader notion of advertising and marketing. After all, a business without a strategy for increasing sales and making positive impressions is a business just waiting to fail.

This is why a marketing degree is increasingly valuable in today’s challenging economic climate. Marketing students can pursue their educational courses online with virtually no loss in curriculum understanding or real-world experience. After all, a sizable segment of modern-day marketing techniques is incorporated into the dynamic of digital marketing – an area where social media, email and search engines play huge roles in attracting and retaining customers and/or clients (click here to learn more about the tenets of digital marketing).

A two, four or six-year degree in marketing can be pursued via online learning by anybody who is either incapable or unwilling to attend traditional, physical campuses. In the process, these graduates will develop the skills necessary to represent brands and businesses on a global, national or local stage with the best marketing strategies possible.

Human Resources

As the world’s economy grows and the number of employees continues to increase, so does the need for qualified individuals capable of managing these workers and their specific needs. The topic of human resources is sometimes confusing for those not familiar with the concept, but it is relatively simple – people are assets, and as such, select professionals are needed to ensure their needs and operations are addressed.

Human resource management degrees are unprecedentedly popular among students pursuing online learning. Through such degree programs, students will learn about such concepts as management of benefits and compensation, scheduling, employee training and workflow processes for organizations. High-level HR managers can easily earn six-figure incomes, but even entry-level graduates via online learning programs can regularly earn $50,000 or more per year. 


Now more than ever, formal education – and more importantly, effective education – is needed to have a good quality of life. If you or someone you know wishes to make a difference in the lives of many while enjoying solid job security and good wages, then the field of education may be a prime career choice. Additionally, pursuing one or more degree programs in education can now be done online through one or more of many accredited colleges and universities.

Given the theme of this discussion is rooted in education itself, it should not be surprising that a degree in education would be on the list. With more people than ever before needing instruction in virtually every subject and career field, the demand for qualified graduates with backgrounds in education is solid. 

The field of education is vast, allowing individuals to pursue careers in everything from K-12 education to university instruction and academic research. Since the vast, vast majority of education professions in general are rooted in core knowledge, pursuing such a program online is both easy and effective.

Supply Chain Management

A global economy requires a workforce capable of global interaction. The topic of procurement – focused on ensuring that raw materials, products and even services are able to be transferred from where they reside to where they are needed – is a popular concern among businesses in all industries. Increasingly, this process is rooted in online interactions and communication. 

A logistics or supply chain management major can easily find employment, particularly among larger companies, corporations and organizations. With an average supply chain management salary starting at $50,000 per year, that quickly increases based on experience or scale of operations, this is a prime career for those seeking to earn great money early in life. Coupled with the increasing demand for such services, and it’s no wonder why so many people are now pursuing logistics-based degrees via online learning.

Online learning may not be ideal for literally every career field or degree program, but for some, it makes logical sense. If you’re ready to pursue a high-paying career with job security – and want to pursue it at your own pace – then consider these five careers as potential suitors for your future professional trajectory.