The thought of traveling by air during the current coronavirus pandemic has you feeling a little sick to your stomach. You’ve never cared for going through TSA security and dealing with the hassle of finding your bags here and there. And when you toss a pandemic into the mix, the idea of traveling right now might seem terrifying. Fortunately, you can take steps to make your travel experience a smooth one—even in the middle of a pandemic—according to travel expert Brian Ferdinand in a recently published article.


In the recent article, Brian Ferdinand, who is the managing partner of CorpHousing Group, explains that an important step for improving your air travel experience is to dress comfortably but, of course, appropriately. For instance, be sure to wear comfortable pants, and wear shoes that can easily be removed as needed.

In addition, try to wear a jacket that features large pockets. This will make it easier for you to store your passport, wallet, and phone in your pockets, thus decreasing your chances of losing these objects as you make your way through security. Plus, it is not uncommon for airplanes to feel cold, so having a large jacket at your disposal may be helpful for you later.


Another way to alleviate the stress that comes with flying by air is to take advantage of the CLEAR biometric identity program. Rather than utilizing your traditional identification documents, this program uses biometrics to confirm that you are who you are. Biometrics are essentially identifiers, such as the irises in your eyes, your face, and your fingerprints.

CLEAR works by transforming these biometrics into encrypted codes. The patterns of zeros and ones that are generated for various travelers are unique to those travelers, just as your DNA is. This program makes going through the airport much faster and easier every time.

Also, as you navigate the airport in general, security, and your airplane, be sure to bring along some sanitizing wipes as well. Yes, airports are following new regulations for cleaning surfaces amid COVID-19. However, it still does not hurt to always wipe down ay seat, headrest, armrest, and tray table you use. This will not only give you an extra layer of protection against the coronavirus but also give you an extra reason to have a peace of mind and thus fully enjoy your trip.