If you’re planning a trip, you have multiple options for either a long-term or a short-term stay. Deciding which accommodation option would be best for you can thus quickly become overwhelming. However, Brian Ferdinand, a travel expert, recently explained in an article that travelers can make the decision-making process easier simply by choosing corporate housing above all other options, including hotels.


According to Brian Ferdinand in the recently released article, hotels remain a traditionally staple choice for the majority of travelers. However, times are quickly changing as a result of the global COVID-19 pandemic. Thus, the trend now is for travelers to stay in accommodations that are more unique and offer a safer travel experience.

The main problem with staying in hotels is that you may have a hard time avoiding swaths of people. After all, as a hotel guest, you can’t always avoid areas that generate high traffic, such as elevators, hotel lobbies, fitness centers, restaurants, laundry rooms, and vending areas. Unfortunately, in these public spaces, you have a higher risk of contracting the coronavirus.

Another problem with hotels, according to Ferdinand, is that many of today’s hotels don’t offer the types of amenities and comfort that travelers are looking for—especially business travelers. A tiny, studio-apartment-like accommodation simply isn’t conducive to relaxing. Instead, it is designed more for someone who wishes to take a quick shower, hit the sack, and spend most of the next day out on the town or handling business.


If you’re like many travelers, particularly business travelers, you are searching for an accommodation option that feels like home. You also want to stay in a place featuring amenities designed to make you feel as though you are actually living in your destination city, not just visiting it. Fortunately, corporate housing units tick all the boxes, so they are worth exploring as you get ready to book that upcoming getaway or business trip to virtually any highly visited metroplex throughout the United States.

Note that corporate housing units come in many forms designed to suit your particular need and personality. For instance, you can find a unit in a desirable residential area, or you can find the perfect one in an urban neighborhood. Either way, you can expect to find luxury, high-end accommodations featuring a wide array of amenities when you book corporate housing units in the months ahead.