You own your own business, and you’re wondering if it’s safe for you to resume traveling. You’re nervous about venturing out and putting yourself at risk for exposure to the novel coronavirus. However, you also realize that by not traveling to meet with current and potential clients, you may be harming your own bottom line. The question is, how exactly can you make business travel safe during the pandemic? Brian Ferdinand, a business and travel expert, recently shared in an article how business travelers can stay safe post pandemic.


According to Brian Ferdinand, one of the best ways to protect yourself as a traveling business professional today is to stick with domestic travel rather than international travel. The reason for this is that domestic flights are shorter than international ones. As a result, you won’t have to spend as much time around other travelers either in the plane setting or in the airport setting when flying domestically.

In the article, Ferdinand emphasizes that the longest direct plane flight that can be taken in the United States is a 6.5-hour-long flight to Seattle from Miami. However, the majority of domestic flights are about three hours long on average. Either way, a domestic flight is far more manageable compared with a flight to an international location, which can easily last more than eight hours.


Ferdinand furthermore shares in the article that choosing a corporate housing rental over a hotel room is yet another smart move for protecting yourself during the coronavirus pandemic. With corporate housing, you don’t have to share a lobby, hallway, or other common areas with a large number of fellow travelers. Instead, you get to enjoy your own space for as long as you have rented the property, whether for weeks or for months.

Corporate housing providers are also taking their sanitization efforts seriously during the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, they don’t have to rush to clean their properties in the same way that hotels do, as the turnover rate in corporate housing isn’t as high. This is a major advantage for business travelers who are serious about keeping the coronavirus at bay as much as possible.

Corporate housing also comes with the benefit of offering furnished spaces for renters. This means you can enjoy the comforts of home while staying in your unit, and this will, in turn, help you to remain more relaxed and thus productive while on your trip.