As I am sure that you are aware reputation management agencies must keep up with the current trends and avoid any old hat SEO techniques. It is important that they become aware when the trends have changed and even if they have a tried and tested method that has worked many times before it may become outdated quickly. Anything in the world of technology is fast paced and can dramatically change in an instant. If you keep using the old methods, then it will reduce your rankings. Take care though as some of the old strategies are still worth their weight in gold and some need to be binned immediately. Here is a list of some outdated methods that you should stop using NOW!

Make use of social media it is one of, if not the most important tool you have at your disposal to promote your business online. It helps web pages and search terms rank higher. Google and other search engines use social media to evaluate rankings. You can not ignore a platform that engages millions of people on a day to day basis. You need to engage and encourage this audience to increase your traffic and become more visible in search rankings. Google Analytics is an SEO tool which will help you track what traffic you get from social media. Yoast will help you share and post your content on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Social media can no longer be ignored in terms of SEO and reputation management and doing so would be your downfall.

In the past using exact keyword matches did help you increase your visibility. Now it could even lead to a Google fine. The option that is viable nowadays is to let the text come out naturally, it looks and reads better and avoids penalties.

In 2018 you can no longer ignore the power of the mobile phone, our mini computers that we carry around with us at all times and feel lost without. We use these computers when we are stuck on something, we can find the answer on them! Therefore, more and more websites are being accessed through mobile phones and we must ensure that our websites are ready for them. As we know mobile phones have smaller screens, some of the features we use online do not work or can not work in the same way. As a result of this the websites you manage, and use must be adapted for mobile use. This is a crucial requirement for 2018 reputation management. Mobile traffic is a metric that is measured by google to decide on your website’s ranking. It can be done easily by adding a WordPress theme to the site, which is mobile responsive.

Keyword stuffing is also a thing of the past, it makes your articles uncomfortable to read and makes users leave your site. The 2018 way is to write coherent, interesting and informative articles to engage your audience and encourage them to read on, share the information and come back.