The modern man is one who is fashionable and smart about his clothing purchases. His clothes should be practical, look great and versatile. Here are some items that are in the closet of every modern man.

Brief Underwear

Men have a choice of the type of underwear to purchase today and brief underwear has become the first choice for men who put fashion and comfort as a top priority. Today’s briefs come in the widest variety of styles from those that cover a man’s entire front and rear area to thongs that cover a bare minimum but still look great. Briefs are made in better materials today so they provide comfort and support and are long lasting if you purchase the top quality ones. You will feel good and most of all you will look great when you take your clothes off especially if it is in front of that special person. .

A Fitted Suit

There is no more statement set of men’s clothing than a great fitted suit. A fitted suit can be custom made or one that has been purchased and tailored to fit perfectly. Every man is slightly different in size and angles and when you buy a suit of the rack, it never fits exactly. The sleeves might be a little too long of the waist area might be a little snug. Making the fine adjustments so that it is just right makes all the difference and gets the suit to “fall” right. Find yourself a good tailor who can both create a great suit for you and tailor suits that suits you buy off the rack to perfection. One you see the compliments you get when you wear these suits, you will never wear a suit that has not been perfectly tailored.

Classic Shoes

A great pair of shoes make a statement that would take one million words. Good shoes show that a man is interested in the smallest details and making a statement with his dress. Shoes have become very trendy these days and styles have gone toward casual and sometimes shoes are even overlooked in terms of contributing to a total look. This is a mistake. Yes you can choose casual looking shoes as part of your ensemble, but they should be carefully planned out so that they add to the overall style you want to put forward rather than just a thrown in option. You should purchase a variety of style and mix and match them with different types of outfits to create new looks. Try dress shoes with casual and wear casual shoes with your best suit. Soon you will develop your own style that is unique and cool.


The final touch is to make sure that a man’s accessories are in order to compliment that other articles of clothing. There is such a wide variety of cufflinks available from those that bling, to low key ones that are barely noticeable. These accessory pieces have been around for more than a hundred years and the reason they never go out of style is because when they are worn correctly, they exude elegance and make a unique and powerful statement.

Cufflinks can be worn with the most formal dress suits but also they can be worn with dressed down looks including those with jeans and sneakers. The key is to give them a chance to shine by not pairing them with too much other bling. Low key shines louder.