Marketing Strategy

In this age of digital marketing, internet, social media and online marketing approaches, it is important that businesses don’t leave out more traditional and conventional marketing techniques. While the digital side of marketing is more prevalent, it is still more effective that you use both approaches to promote your products. In fact, in several success cases, you will find that marketing campaigns that included both approaches added an overall value to the campaign.

Another aspect that contributes to a more vigilant marketing strategy is personalisation. With the competition as high as it is in this digital age, individuality promotional products give businesses the edge to stand out from others.

In order to execute their individuality, promotional products remain a popular choice to build brand recognition among consumers. These promotional products include small items like pens, notepads, calico bags, keyrings etc. printed with the business’s logo. You can find these products on platforms like, where they will personalise these products so they can make more personal impressions.

Importance of Personalized Promotional Products

Direct Brand Awareness

While digital platforms offer various ways to reach your target audience, it is only more effective that you create a more personal connection with them. Promotional products like business cards, pens and notepads are some of the common merchandise to do so. According to surveys conducted in the UK, men and women who received promotional products we likely to keep and use their gifts. This translates to mean that every time they use your promotional products, they will be recalled of your brand.

The main reason this strategy works is that merchandise leaves a more lasting and lingering brand recall than digital ads. Since different mediums in the digital world expose consumers to numerous advertisements every day, they are easier to forget. But a physical reminder will be more direct in creating brand awareness.

Brand Loyalty

Gaining brand loyalty is a lengthy process that involves companies using extra resource to build a good rapport with their audience. Promotional products are a great way to accelerate this process. In fact, more customers who get promotional merchandise from companies are likely to make a purchase there later on. The simple explanation is that gifts create a more personal impact on the consumer and creating a sense of loyalty towards the brand.

Low-Cost Effective Marketing

Running big-scale advertising campaigns through various channels in the digital world can be more expensive in terms of impressions created on consumers. This can be especially helpful for start-ups that have a tight budget. Small promotional items like pens can cost only a small amount per impression and overall make more impressions than conventional marketing campaigns. If you get promotional merchandise mass produced once, you can continue distribution and have a more significant impact on consumers.

Review of these few points proves that promotional marketing products work and can improve the impact of your company’s marketing strategy. Distributing personalised pens, caps, bags, notebooks and more, creates a more personal relationship with consumers and improves brand awareness.