3 Benefits of Using Microsoft Servers

Recent statistics show that the market value of Microsoft is $2 trillion. Further, of the Fortune 100 companies, 85% of them use Microsoft Azure. Meanwhile, Fortune 500 firms boast a whopping 70% that have a Microsoft 365 license.

Much of corporate America is adopting Microsoft products for their technology suite. Therefore, Microsoft servers may seem to be a commonsense decision when looking at types of servers. However, deciding on it should be about more than just its popularity.

The fact is that Microsoft Servers offer superior benefits for businesses. Here is how they are helping organizations around the world. 

1. Flexible Application

The Windows Server 2022 is a far superior upgrade when investigating server options. This is because it offers improvements for your scalability. If you need Tier 1 applications, Windows Server 2022 offers 2048 logical cores, and they run on 64 physical sockets, along with supporting 48TB of memory.

There have been tremendous advancements to Windows containers in terms of capability. This includes:

  • HostProcess containers for node configuration
  • Supporting dual-stack
  • Supporting IPv6
  • Consistent network policy with Calico implementation

The future is bright too, as soon Windows Server 2022 will enable a Kubernetes community collaboration. Find direct deals on a Windows server here.

2. Hybrid Capabilities with Azure

There are benefits to multi-cloud and hybrid approaches. This is why customers today are choosing a server that adopts itself to a hybrid environment. When you have the on-premises Window Server 2022, you can integrate to cloud services by connecting to Azure Arc.

This is a gigantic improvement to Windows, allowing customers to use their Azure auto-manage. Windows Server 2022 can now leverage fantastic features like File Server enhancements, including SMB Compression. Transferring application files is better with SMB Compression because it can compress data while it is transferring over a network.

Plus, customers love the Windows Admin Center. This simplifies the server management experience. There is a new gateway proxy support and event viewer for Azure-connected scenarios.

3. Advanced Security With Multi-Layers

Server security is top of mind as cyberattacks continue to rise. Hackers are becoming more innovative, discovering ways to break through and steal data. Windows Server 2022 went to great lengths to boost security with a variety of enhancements, including multi-layer security. They have secured connectivity and a secured-core server.

The new Windows servers have additional firmware, drivers, and hardware to improve the security of critical systems. With these additions, your IT professionals will have the tools they need to apply comprehensive security.

Its secured-core server has the advanced protection your organization needs, enhancing the original features of SQL servers and virtual machines.

Microsoft Servers

Technology is developing faster than most of us can keep up. Not to worry, that is why we post so many timely articles like this one! Microsoft servers offer superior benefits, and we highly recommend that you consider this when choosing a server for your business.

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