The Corona virus has hit us all, affecting the way we live and where we can go. In fact, the term ‘new normal’ has been used to describe the current situation where the majority of time spent is at home rather than at work or in social public spaces. Indeed, public spaces have become barren areas. This doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon.

Despite this setback, there have been some positive approaches to this enforced time at home. William Seegmiller is an interior design specialist who has realized some small yet affective measures to take towards our own quarantined spaces in order to brighten up our days and provide some new life into our homes.

Here are some inventive ways to add some new styles to your home without hurting your wallet.

Home-made curtains

Curtains provide an uplifting flash if color and break up the monotony of a room.
However, buying new curtains can cost a lot of money and especially if you have bespoke requirements to fit your window.

Luckily, using mesh glue is an easy solution that can be employed to old sheets of fabrics. Sandwiched between 2 sheets of fabric and applying the heat from an Iron will fuse these fabrics together which is time efficient and accessible. Perfect for inexperienced craft enthusiasts without a sewing machine.


With the growing popularity of step by step tutorials offered across various social platforms across the internet, it is now possible to follow online guidance and introduce some re-upholstery to those beaten up pieces of furniture lurking in the corner.

Again, adding pattern to a chair bring new life to an old room and despite the lengthy process, reupholstering an arm chair is a skill that will keep you occupied throughout this quarantine.


A perfect union between function and form, shelving provides the utility of storage along with the opportunity to present objects and trinkets one has gathered in life.
Consider how inviting old curiosity shops are when you first enter one? This aesthetic style has fed into a lot of independent shops in the past few years and can be appropriated for homely spaces.

It’s worth considering reusing old pieces of material to build the shelfs from to make it more affordable and add an extra level of bespoke style.

Change doorknobs

Although a little obscure and over looked, doorknobs can add a level of design subtly to a room. Considering the ease of unwinding some screws, this is possibly the simplest way of adding a touch of personalized style to any door.

Scout out odd trinkets from antique markets or car boot sales for something special and obscure to bring a bespoke finish to any door.

The simple principle being to have an object that can turn a shaft is the only design brief here and therefore makes for an ideal project for most beginners.