When it comes to politicians, the truth is that most people talk about men. This is mainly because of the fact that politics is mostly dominated by men, with not many women showing up. Such a fact is even more reality in countries like Nigeria, where women empowerment is still at an early development stage. Esther Nenadi Usman instantly stood out, from the moment she started being involved in Nigerian politics. All this led to the current situation where people from all around the world take a closer look at her life and work. Let’s figure out why this is the case.

A Woman In Nigerian Politics

Nenadi Usman stands out as one of the very first women politicians in the country. While normally we see this as a high achievement in itself, this is just the beginning when talking about her. Usman basically dedicated her entire life to women empowerment in Nigeria and public service as a whole.

As Nenadi started her education, she quickly realized that there are many problems affecting children and women. That is why her first move was to get back to the classroom, as a teacher. After pursuing a teaching role, she decided to start doing work in politics because this was the only real way to actually make a change. What should be mentioned is that this in itself is a very tough decision for women in Nigeria. This is true now and it was particularly difficult at that point in time.

Internal Drive

Men did not actually want or support women in politics when Usman started her career. However, she was driven. Her ambition actually led to success. Nenadi ended up working her own way through ranks. In the year 2011 she was rewarded for all this as she was elected Kaduna South Senator.

Nenadi Usman always showed a strong drive. Her work was always inspirational, thus drawing attention to everything that was happening around her. In politics she did become inspirational but this was not the only thing she is recognized for.

Empowering Women

While being a politician did help a lot in helping change laws and setting up initiatives that are actually helping children and women in the country, Usman did realize that proper support needs to be offered directly to those that are affected. This is why she started an NGO that is actively working on inspiring, motivating and empowering women in Nigeria.

By combining education and political support with actual face-to-face interaction with Nigerian women, Usman managed to lay down the foundation of a system that gives more power to the woman.

Final Thoughts

Nenadi Usman basically stands out as a pillar of hope for women in Nigeria and in all countries that see similarly perceived roles for women in society. We are looking at someone that is always fighting and that does offer support for those that need it. This is why Nenadi Usman is on the radar of people from all around the world right now.