Sloth in Costa Rican jungleCosta Rica is a popular tourist destination thanks to its amazing food, interesting culture, beautiful beaches and accommodating locals. People like visiting Costa Rica because it is naturally beautiful with a lot of outdoor activities. There are plenty of things to do in this picturesque country, and there are plenty of Costa Rica travel guides that one can follow to make an itinerary.

Prices in Costa Rica are not as low as they once were. For many people, saving money during travel can seem impossible because they feel like nothing fun comes on a budget. The most important thing to realize is that one can save money in one area so that the extra money can cater to more expensive areas.

1. Take Advantage of The Low Seasons and Off-Peak Times.

For many people that plan vacations and trips to Costa Rica, December to April are the most popular months. That is because these are dry months thus allowing people to enjoy the outdoors without worrying about getting wet. Although May to November is rainy months, the environment is greener and more beautiful. August and September are wetter than all the other months, and therefore there are fewer tourists. During these months, visitors can get accommodation, activities, and tours at a lower price. It is wise to also avoid holidays such as Easter, Christmas and New Year as there are bound to be more people in the country.

2. Eat at Smaller Restaurants

Small family restaurants are called Sodas in Costa Rica. Visitors get to experience the best of traditional cuisines at an affordable cost at an average of 1065 CRC or $2. Another advantage is that they are many and easily accessible to everyone. There are also Musmannis, a bakery available across the country.

They offer tasty lunch specials, for example, a sandwich, and a soda can go for 1000 CRC or less than $2 or pastries at 300 CRC or less than $1. One can also consider going grocery shopping at local markets and supermarkets and make their own meal. It is especially cheaper if you have a cooking space.

3. Consider Camping as Opposed to Seeking Hotel Accommodation

If the weather is good, one can consider renting a tent or use their own. Renting is cheaper at an average of 3000 CRC or $5. One gets to save some money while enjoying the beautiful outdoors. There are Tico houses that some websites offer.

The idea of couch surfing at a locals house can be scary, but that’s how one gets to meet new people. There is also the option of staying at hostels and cabins with roommates to save on costs. Of course, consider Airbnb.

4. Stay Away From Tour Buses and Tour Activities.

It is a common tourist practice to join local tour guides on their buses to learn more about a place. It is okay if one has money to spend, but for someone trying to stick to their budget, this is something that can cut off. Instead of taking a tour bus, consider boarding a local bus a half the price. In case of questions, the locals are friendly and would be happy to help.

Group activities can be fun but also expensive. Stick to free activities or find out from the locals other cheaper alternatives. Another costly idea is booking for group activities beforehand. The same activity may be offered cheaply by the hotel one is staying in.

5. Consider Your Payment Plan

Although many places in Costa Rica accept foreign currency, it is a costly method. Tourists on a budget should consider changing their money to the Colón. This will help one save as they will not be affected by the high conversion rates. Locals tend to hike costs when someone approaches them with foreign currency as opposed to one that is using local currency. One can also negotiate for cheaper deals. Another tip is to pay with cash instead of cards. There are many convenient options available for tourists, but it is better to pick the cheaper options.


Spending time in Costa Rica should be fun and not stressful. Looking for ways to stretch every coin can also be fun as one gets to interact with the locals and not just the staff at the hotels. With the age of technology, there is no excuse to break the bank to travel to paradise.