If you feel like your life lacks direction and you are stuck, then you may want to consider seeing a spiritual medium. They can provide you with power, passion, purpose, and, most of all, guidance, from a perspective that is outside of the norm, one that cannot be found in any of the thousands of self help books that litter the shelves of book stores. However, it is important that you actually ask questions that can be answered, which is why Tom Colton discusses the most important questions that you should ask a medium if you want to go see one.

Tom Colton on Vetting a Spiritual Medium

It is hugely important to get the type of question you want to ask. “Why” questions are all about victimizations, feeling sorry for yourself – why don’t have more money, why doesn’t my wife love me, why can’t I feel happy? Instead, you should make sure that your question is empowering. This means that you should ask questions that start with “what” and “how”. Ask what you can do to feel happier, how you can earn more money, how you can rekindle the passion with your partner. It is amazing how you can ask the same question in two different ways and get so much more out of them. Remember that seeing a medium isn’t about having someone pat your hand and saying “there, there, everything will be fine”. Rather, it is about getting guidance and real help from someone who hopes you can learn from your life experiences.

Life lessons are hard to learn. Karma is hard to deal with, but it is supposed to teach you something. The idea is that you chose to allow things to happen to you, and you can choose to allow better things to happen to you as well. If you come into your meeting with a spiritual medium feeling good about yourself, excited about the prospect of learning something and becoming an even better version of yourself, you will get so much out of it, according to Tom Colton. But if you arrive feeling downtrodden, sorry for yourself, and like the victim of some sort of cosmic hatred towards you, then it is unlikely you will come out feeling any better.

So how do you get the most out of your visit? Tom Colton believes that preparation is key. Start by writing down the three main things that you want to know about. Reflect on those and ask yourself whether they are venturing into the realms of pity and then turn them around so that they once again become empowering. The difference you will experience in doing this is huge.

Spiritual mediums should be seen as guidance counselors, not oracles. They cannot tell you what you don’t already know somewhere deep inside of you, but they can help you to bring that out and find those answers, with a little help from the Spirit. If what is deep inside you is nothing but self-loathing, then there is very little that they will be able to do for you, unfortunately.