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As a real estate professional in Houston, Al Hartman has a lot of love for the city. He has lived here for many years and sees it as his one true home. The fact that he has become involved in real estate is perhaps no surprise, therefore, since it has enabled him to help others make the city their home as well. His true heart lies in the Downtown area of Houston, however, which some people may have seen in a photo of the various businesses that are found here. It is filled with art hubs, sports venues, hotels, bars, restaurants, and a range of other businesses.

Al Hartman on Downtown Houston

Because Downtown Houston is such a popular and alive area, real estate prices are through the roof. People seem to have faith in the idea that the area will always be popular and properties are snapped up quicker than a photo can be placed on a real estate listing, in fact. That is even true for the different businesses that operate here. Additionally, the Downtown area is a strong economic supporter, with most of the slightly more alternative careers being created here. Meanwhile, there are some apartment blocks and residential high rises in the area, but they are very expensive. Yet, they are popular, as are the immediate suburbs of Downtown, simply because it means people don’t have to commute in and out of it, which is something most people would prefer to avoid.

One of the reasons why demand for real estate in Downtown is so high is because the population has exploded as well. In fact, there was recently a 300% increase, with no other city in the country growing that rapidly. Of course, whenever there is a population boom, those new people have to find somewhere to live as well. Houston is humid and hot, but people seem to flock there regardless. They like to go underground to shop, which is something quite unique to the city. It means less money is spent on management and air conditioning and the businesses who go underground are greener as well.

If any land is ever available in Downtown Houston, it is snapped up immediately by developers. Billions of dollars have already been spent in trying to effectively enlarge what is classed as “downtown”. Additionally, recently, three major and huge highways were constructed to make the area more convenient to reach. Some developers have focused on purchasing historic buildings, turning them into residential lofts that cost the earth and are only affordable for the rich and famous.

Houston is a beautiful and fascinating city, but perhaps nowhere more so than in the Downtown area. Anyone interested in becoming involved in the real estate market here may find it very difficult to be able to do so. However, if a deal does come up, it needs to be snapped up straight away as you will be on a sure winner, regardless of the type of real estate it is.