I watched a speech which the health guru Steve Fisackerly gave a couple of years ago and one of the points which Steve so eloquently made was the benefits which meditation each day could have on your mind and on your body. I have to be honest, the idea of meditation was something which I may have scoffed at once over, but I respected Steve a great deal and so I listened to what he had to say, and I even tried it out.

This was just over two years ago and since that first day that I started, I have been meditating almost every single day since. The benefits fo doing this for just 15 or 20 minutes per day are absolutely incredible and I owe so much to Steve for that talk. These are the noticeable benefits which I find when meditating.


I have never been a good sleeper to be honest and I had difficulties getting to sleep and staying asleep, I can only assume that the brain just didn’t stop buzzing. Since I have been meditating each day however I sleep better than ever before both when it comes to getting to sleep and when it comes to staying asleep. I can tell this because of how fresh I feel in the morning and I have no doubt it is down to the time which I set aside to meditate.


I used to always have this lull in the afternoon during work where my brain would be misfiring every so slightly and my concentration would be all over the place, I used to put this down to the fact that I couldn’t sleep or that I hadn’t eaten a good lunch. Now I find that my concentration levels all day are high and my ability to focus is like nothing that I have ever felt before. If I am working on a job then I don’t get distracted because I am giving it 100% of my time and focus.

Coping With Stress

Easily the ms important benefit which I now find is that my ability to cope with stress is better than ever before and I just take so many things in my stride which I know previously would have left me angry or upset. There are always stresses in life so there is no point in trying to remove them, the key is to build up your mechanisms to deal with stress in order to be a more centered person. Meditation is what gave me the keys to better deal with stress and that is because my mind feels focused and organized and strong, which means that when stressful things happen, I can cope with them without much trouble at all.

I would really suggest that you try out the meditation, just 15 minutes a day in order to enjoy this wide range of benefits and more to boot. I can honestly say that this is the best decision which I have ever made.