Business person

There are many people in the world who are referred to as preppers, people who invest their time and their energy in preparing for a doomsday scenario. Now I have to confess that I may have sneered at this people once or twice in the past, I can vividly remember reading the Rising S company reviews, a business which makes shelters for such an event, and poking fun at them. I suspect that I was not alone in this but I will stand here now and publicly say that never again will they be the butt of one of my jokes, and this is exactly why we should mock them. 

Almost Right

Whilst of course it is true that the large percentage of us have survived what has taken place in 2020 with the global pandemic, we have to recognize the fact that none of us saw this coming, at least not many of us. The other point to make here is that it is highly unlikely that any of us truly thought that the destruction and the mass panic which we have seen this year could have ever occurred in the same way that it has. There are however a group of people who did believe that something like this could happen and who were in position for it, and they were the preppers. This may have not been doomsday but it was not far away, and they are the ones who would have been absolutely fine. 

The Reactions 

Something which many of these preppers will look to do is to create their own food and water source in the event of something taking place. This always seemed, like much of what they have done, a little bit over the top. This opinion of mine however soon changed when I watched how absolutely crazy people became before the lockdown kicked in. the animals who took over grocery stores and decided to buy everything that was on the shelves for example. Even the riots we have seen this year, sparked by the issue of race, certainly had the roots of its behavior based in a post-apocalyptic attitude and this was working in the extreme. The preppers have already worked out that humans cannot be trusted to work together, and that’s why they have plans to sort themselves out. 

Last Laugh 

Ultimately these mean and women are the ones who are going to have the last laugh and in a world of terrorism, pandemics and God only knows what other evil forces we have in existence, it is these preppers who have things in place for when that next crazy crisis becomes a reality. I think it is fair to say that we can all learn a little something from these guys and even if you don’t go full on doomsday about it, there is absolutely nothing wrong to stop us from being prepared for whatever may come our way in the future.