Social Media

Now is the perfect time for you to push your social media pages harder than ever before and no matter if that is your influencer page, your business page or even your personal pages, this is an opportunity that may not come around again.  As soon as the lockdown was announced my partner and business guru Mack Prioleau called me up to talk about this very subject and within the hour we had a solid plan to push ahead on social media for our business. Mack was on it quicker than me admittedly but together we have managed to absolutely crush it on all of our social media pages, and here is why you can too.

Increased Usage

Reports vary but it is generally accepted that social media usage has increased by around 45% in the last few months, why? Because everyone is on lockdown with very little to do. This is why we have to keep on pushing social media because there are more people on there than ever before and that means more eyes who will see you.


It is not just the level of usage which we are seeing increase, people are also investing more time into social media. We live in a rushed world where people just don’t have the time to invest in long form posts or lengthy videos, but now they do. This gives you a chance to up your game when it comes to your content or any ads which you create, as well as helping you to add variation to your approach with a mixture of long and short content.


Whilst I would advise that spending money on ads is a great idea, I can completely understand the people out there who think that this may not be a good idea given the current climate. The beauty however of social media is that even if you don’t spend any money you can still ensure that you grow your followers and increase the visibility of your brand, and all it takes is smart content production and placement.

Too Late?

Now that the world is opening up again you may believe that it is too late to start investing your time and money on social media, but I think now more than ever is the most impotent. The reason for this is that there could potentially be a second wave, so getting everything lined up now makes sense, more to the point however is that behaviors have changed and people are still spending just as much time on social media, even if they are out and about. Offices and schools won’t go back as normal straight away so that is why we need to make sure that we are doubling down on social media and getting all of those eyes looking at us, and not the competition.

Make this your number one priority for business or personal social media pages.