We wrote a piece recently talking about the importance of everyone using a VPN such as VirtualShield for your own security. The issues around data and privacy are very important and it is essential that we all do what we can to protect our right to privacy and that we can browse the web safe in the knowledge that we are not being tracked or watched. Those who don’t use a VPN will be running the risk of having all of their activity monitored and there are so many companies out there who are just waiting to take and sell your data, in the name of marketing.

Not only is it a good idea to have a VPN for security and privacy reasons, there are also many benefits of using this type of program when you are online.

Downloading And Uploading

Downloading anything from the web has the possibility of causing damage to your computer or making it vulnerable, which is a key reason why a VPN is so necessary. Whenever you download or upload anything to or from the web you should do so through a VPN for maximum security.

TV Streaming

Struggling to watch your favorite show on Netflix because you are out of the country? That becomes a thing of the past when you have a VPN because you can use a server which is based in your home country, giving the appearance that this is where you are, and then you can enjoy all of your favorite shows from back home.

Keeping Chats Private

Most chats which you have should be end to end encrypted which means that nobody is able to see them and that they are not stored on any server. The danger here however is that they are not all like this and that can pose a risk that your chats with friends and family are being snooped on. If however you use a VPN you will be able to offer your own level of encryption which means that you can chat safely with your loved ones, without fear of being spied on.

Cheap Flight Tickets

Whilst it may not always be the case, very often we see that flight tickets are cheaper when bought in the country where the airline operates. Air Canada for example may offer lower rates to citizens and you can grab those tickets if you are in the USA, through the use of a VPN. Simply set yourself up with a server which is based in Canada, head to the airline’s website and have a look for the exact same flights, you may very well find that they are cheaper than if you had bought using your original IP address.

The main reason for using a VPN is the security which it offers and the peace of mind which you can find, but there are a number of added benefits to, as you can see from this list of examples.