Tree Health

Proper trimming can help drastically improve the health of your trees. The first step is to remove any branches or limbs that are dead or dying. When this is done correctly, your tree will experience better overall health, and will prevent the spread of further decay. This will allow the tree to grow new and healthy branches.

Reduces Safety Hazards

If dead branches are not removed, they can become dangerous and pose a safety hazard to yourself and family members, or could cause harm to your property. Unpruned trees can interfere with power lines, reduce visibility for drivers, and pose a risk of injury from fallen branches. During a storm or heavy winds, dead branches are prone to breaking off and falling. It’s best to take care of them before bad weather rolls in. 

Overall Appearance

Tree Trimming and Pruning can greatly improve the appearance of your home or property. A home’s curb appeal is the first thing people notice when they drive by. Overgrown and unkempt trees and bushes can make a home look abandoned and uncared for. In contrast, a properly maintained lawn and trees can increase a home’s property value.   

Increased Sunlight and Air Circulation

Pruning your trees will increase sun exposure throughout the tree and underlying landscape. This will improve the health of your tree immensely. Not only that, but it will also help improve air circulation between and around plants. Conversely, overgrown or hanging branches will shade the radius around them, preventing surrounding vegetation from receiving the proper amount of sunlight needed to flourish. 

Promotes Good Tree Structure & Shape

Professional pruning and trimming can provide immense benefits for young and growing trees. With the right tools, arborists can help guide the growth of new and young trees. This will prevent a tree from becoming top-heavy or lop-sided, which lead to other more severe structural problems. By trimming and pruning, you can be sure your trees will grow with a strong foundation and support. Young trees must be pruned in order to compensate for root loss, and to promote a good shape.

Fights Insects and Infections

On top of the overall health benefits a tree will receive with proper and timely pruning, it will also help the tree fight off common pests and invaders. It’s vital to prune off infected branches and limbs, as infections can quickly spread to other parts of the tree and structure. Dead branches are especially susceptible to infestation, so they must be removed frequently. Trimming, pruning, and thinning your trees will keep them healthy, pest-free, hazard-free, and looking their best. At tree service Lafayette LA recommend hiring a professional to get large, difficult jobs done. If you aren’t sure if your trees are in good health, call us and we’ll come out to inspect them and recommend a good course of action. We have the knowledge, experience, and equipment to handle any job, big or small!