Being a doctor is a dream which many have in their minds, and given the importance of the profession it is very easy to understand exactly why. Beyond the qualifications and the education which you will require to become a doctor, there are also a unique set of skills which you must possess, if you plan to find any level of success  in this field. To gain a better understanding of the skills you will need, we spoke with John Kang WebMD contributor and highly skilled surgeon who specializes in oncology and general surgery, about what skills you will need.

Attention to Detail

John Kang MC begins by talking about just how important it is that you have an eye for detail. This will help you not only in your day to day activities as a doctor but also in the educational aspect. There are a great many people with the ability to understand the basics of medicine but what sets the very best apart from the rest is an eye for detail.


Many people are drawn to becoming a doctor like John Kang, because of the respect which such a job brings, as well as the excellent salary which one can command. The difference between these people and  those who actually make it however, is the level of humanity which one must have. The first reason why you should want to be a doctor is because of the great work they do for humanity, and this is a skill which is a minimum requirement for any doctor.

Patient Care

Another important point which John Kang MC discusses is the need for patient care skills. Many are of the opinion that doctors should strip emotion away from their job and treat a body in the same way that a mechanic would treat a car, but this is not strictly true. Doctors must be able to communicate well with their patients, and understand what they are going through.


A key skill in being a doctor is your ability to be thorough, failure to have the skill will result in you missing key warnings about a number of ailments and diseases. There is no shortcuts when you are a doctor, everything is about thoroughly checking all aspects, in order to make the best, and a correct diagnosis.

Hard Working

The final skill which John speaks about is having a hard work ethic, something which will serve you in your education and in the job itself. John is a perfect example of this, he not only has a busy job, but still manages to find time to study new ideas and techniques, John Kang liquidmetal  work for example is something which he has learned during his time as a doctor, and is a great example of just how hard he works.

If you don’t have these skills and you want to become a doctor some day, it is time that you began to address your skill gaps.