Vaping B:W

As vaping becomes more popular, it is important to know if it is healthy. If you are from the 1960s onwards, chances are that you or any of your family members might have smoked cigarettes. Over 40 percent of adults used to smoke during that period. However, the number has decreased to a staggering 16 percent in recent times according to the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention).  

Although the decline gives us a reason to be happy, people are worried about vaping. Electronic cigarettes are considered a healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes. But, not sufficient evidence substantiates this claim. As the smoking substitute becomes widespread, we need more studies to find out if the alternative is a good option or not. What is alarming is the fact that most people that take up the habit of vaping tend to be young. If you are interested in finding out if vaping is healthy, you have come to the right place. This post aims to answer one of the most-searched questions.  

Basics of Electronic Cigarettes

To determine if vaping is in fact healthy, one needs to first understand the basics of electronic cigarettes. For those of you that do not know much about them, electronic cigarettes require a battery to work. They rely on a heating element which holds the liquid that contains nicotine. It is this liquid that tends to be infused with a type of flavour like lime, banana, peach, or strawberry. Some typical branded vapes include Cosmic Fog Kryptonite and Ruthless Grape Drank.  When a person vapes, an aerosol vapour is inhaled. 

So Who Is Vaping And Is It Healthy?

Vaping is more common among youth. Studies indicate that over 2 million high school students use electronic cigarettes. When it comes to teens, the trend has reached an epidemic status according to the FDA (Food and Drug Authority). About 60 percent of vapers tend to also smoke conventional cigarettes and about 30 percent managed to give up smoking. But, approximately half of the youth that is involved in vaping has never even smoked conventional cigarettes and do not vape with an aim to quit smoking. 

Vaping might be the cause of heart disease and scientists are conducting research into it. As far as we know, researchers have revealed that it is less harmful than conventional cigarettes and is generally safer. The Annals of Internal Medicine had published a report in 2017 which viewed vaping as less toxic. The reason behind this is that when used without regular cigarettes, vaping produces considerably lower carcinogens and harmful chemicals. However, it does not mean that vaping is completely safe or healthy.

What You Need To Know?

UCLA had published a study recently which showed that vapers are more likely to suffer from symptoms such as elevated adrenaline levels and oxidative stress. Both of these symptoms are associated with heart disease. But, it is even more harmful to smoke conventional cigarettes along with electronic cigarettes. Using electronic cigarettes only makes it harder to give up smoking. This results in people using both of the products.