Working Remotely From Home

Working remotely from home – or anywhere in the world for that matter – is a dream that a lot of people are experiencing nowadays. Going to the same boring office every single day only to be pestered by your annoying coworkers is not the idea of the American dream.

Luckily for you, it is more than possible to work remotely doing a variety of jobs in 2019. So much business is conducted online; everything from digital marketing to social media advertising to ecommerce business make it possible to work from home.

As long as you have a functioning computer, strong internet connection and the necessary skills you might never have to work at an office again. However, there are certain challenges that can make working remotely extremely unproductive. Here are a few things you can do to make your remote work opportunity as successful as possible.

Set your alarm for the same time each morning

Just because you are now able to work from home does not mean you should slack off, be lazy, or look sloppy. It’s easy to lose focus when you combine your work life and home life, so do your best to separate the two. Set your alarm in the morning; remote work is not an excuse to sleep until 11 every day. Set it for the same time each day like you would if you were working at a corporate office.

Dress the part

Even when working at a home office you should try to dress as you would when preparing for a second interview or heading to a monthly staff meeting. OK, maybe you don’t need to take it to that extreme; just do your best not to stay in your PJ’s all day. It has been proven that you are able to increase your productivity when you dress professionally.

Have a designated office space

Once you have completed your morning routine, it is time to “go” to work. By now you should have set aside a space within your home that is designated for working. If you have an office space that is perfect, but if not try to create a pseudo office. This could be the kitchen table or within the spare bedroom. Wherever the space is within your home, treat it as you would any workspace.

Avoid social media throughout the day

Unless your job is actually oriented around social media, do your best to stay productive by avoiding Facebook and Instagram. At a good amount of job offices, “time-sucking” sites like these are actually blocked from the servers. There is a reason for this, and it is not just to ruin your life. When you spend time on social media you are clearly no focusing on your work.

There are apps available to actually block or limit your usage of social media at designated times throughout the day. If you can’t control yourself from hopping on Instagram every 5 minutes, check out apps like OffTime, SelfControl, and AppBlock. They will definitely help to make your remote work more productive.