Pre-built ladders don’t always match up to requirements, and in fact aesthetically and quality wise they often just won’t do when it comes to having internal and external ladders for your home or business.  Therefore finding a ladder company that manufacturers, distributes and fits made to measure ladders is often the solution for your ladder needs.

What Type of Ladders Can a Bespoke Ladder Company Produce?


Some of the longest established ladder companies in the US have been producing ladders for various requirement for decades.  They can be for fixed access to loft spaces or mezzanine floors, library and wine cellar ladders with rolling work stands, step ladders, extension ladders, fire exit ladders and platform systems, agricultural ladders for barns or storage silos, platform ladders, shelf ladders and counter ladders for retail environments.

Because of the variety of uses ladders are also built in various materials including hardwoods, fiberglass, steel, aluminum and even aircraft grade aluminum alloys.  Each ladder is made to measure and designed for a safe ascent and decent between levels, providing hand rails and platforms.

Things to Think About Before Ordering Your Ladder

It is often wise to ask for a drawing or mock up of the ladder system to be manufactured and installed before the process starts so that you are sure that your are happy with the design and its footprint.  You may also want to see samples of materials and paint finishes so you can choose the aesthetic look you are looking to achieve, especially if the ladder is to be within your house or retail space.

Some designs may be simple enough for you to install yourselves, whereas large ladder systems for external use such as fire exit ladder and platform system may require expert installation and specialist equipment.

External Ladder Systems

It is always best when deciding on a building’s external ladder systems for fire exits and roof access to have bespoke ladders built and installed by a professional company because if items aren’t made to measure then the ladder systems may not be safe and fit for purpose.  Cage and platform systems used for fire exits also have to conform to regulations and laws on length of ladder system, distance between platforms and where cages are required.

Often external ladder systems are made up of standard components, so they are cheaper than made to measure systems, but are assembled professionally to ensure they are well attached to the external wall and erected in a safe manner using lifting equipment.

Bespoke Ladders and Their Uses

So whatever your idea is of where you need a ladder, you can pretty much have a ladder made to order and you can also choose the finish, whether it is wood or painted aluminum or fiberglass.  Ladders can be effective at utilizing space and also adding to the look and feel of an industrial residence or old school library.  So ensure that you first of all bring in a professional firm to design your made to measure ladders and check the finish samples to pick your own look.