There are many ways in which you can reduce how much you spend on your weekly shop without having to buy the cheapest of everything. In fact with a little work and planning you can really save big on your weekly spend, and still buy the same things that you always have done. There are not enough people who are aware of the options which they have to save so we have put together a quick list of handy tips which can make sure that the next time you go to the grocery store, you will leave with more money in your pocket than you usually do.


Websites such as Cashback World give users the chance to get a percentage of their spend back when they purchase items which are eligible. These sites work with brands to offer their users great deals, and all you need to do is purchase the products which are on offer to you. Basically all you need to do is sign up with Cashback World, pay a small membership fee and then check out which products they have on offer. If you see something that you like then you purchase it at full price, then head to the cashback website to get a percentage back. You’ll find a massive range of products with huge savings, well worth the cost of membership.


In the past we had to get coupons out of magazines and newspapers but things are very different in this digital age we are living in. Instead f raking through publications you can simply hit a coupon website and download an enormous range of offers which can save you some serious money. You won’t have to pay to be a member of the coupon site and you can pick and choose whichever vouchers you wish to use. Download a voucher to your phone, hand it over at the checkout and see your bill tumble.

Ten Second Rule

The ten second rule sounds very simple but it can b every effective and it can help you to reduce those costly spontaneous buys. Basically you need to go to the grocery store with a list, if you want to buy anything that is not on your list, you need to empty this rule. Hold the product in your hands for ten seconds and seriously think about whether or not you need this product. Try this out and I can almost guarantee you that you will put the majority of the products back on the shelf. It can be so easy to be swayed into buying something which looks great or which has a good saving on it, but if you don’t really need the product then you are not going to save anything, as the product itself will cost you more than you were going to spend.

Three very easy tips to follow and tips which will save you some serious cash.