Spain is a very relaxing country and the ultimate destination for travelers who are in search of the sea, the sun and the city all in one place. Another great thing about Barcelona is the amount of vacation rental properties available to choose from. Gone are the days where you need to book a simple hotel room. Nowadays your best bet is to book a vacation rental property that will suit all of your needs and really give you that feeling of home even when you’re far, far away.

When you rent an apartment, a condo or a beach house, it will give you easy access to more options in your holiday experience. Apart from feeling at home, you will have complete control of the premises and privacy is assured.

Most people who go to Spain on vacation love to stay near the beach. The coastline of Spain, especially in Barcelona, is rich in luxury vacation rentals that offer world-class services. There are plenty of Barcelona vacation rentals with different price ranges. The price of a vacation rental depends on the size of the property and how far it is from the beach.

What you should look for when booking a Vacation Rental

A vacation rental is primarily designed to integrate household features with the comforts of a hotel stay. This kind of concept is something that the rental companies emphasize when preparing for a guests stay.

Here are the top 5 things that make a vacation rental a better option than renting a hotel nine out of ten times:

1. Fully Furnished, Fully Equipped Vacation Rentals

Vacation rentals should encompass everything that a regular home has. Starting with the kitchen, it should have enough supply of silverware, plates, mugs, and wine glasses. The basic seasoning on like salt and pepper, assorted spices, and cooking oils should not miss. Subsequently, you should also check for cooking utensils and appliances such as cookware, coffee maker, a blender and a well-stocked fridge.

Yes, you’re on vacation but that doesn’t have to mean that you shouldn’t feel at home. The bathroom of your vacation rental should mimic the bathroom of your own home and give you a feeling of comfort and relaxation. It should be well-stocked with all the washroom amenities such as the toiletries, shampoo dispensers and fresh fluffy towels.

Don’t forget that unlike a hotel, you will be conducting the house chores on yourself. Therefore, all the necessary cleaning equipment and tools should be available. These amenities should be easy to access. Machines such as a washer and a dryer will reduce your workload of chores and spend more time having fun on your vacation. The rental should also have an iron and an ironing board to straighten your wrinkly clothes before going out.

Finally, the bedroom. The place that you’ll rest your head each night. Make sure it is a place you can be comfortable spending the night. The beddings should be premium with very high-quality pillows. Sleeping accessories like sleep masks, ear plugs, and sound systems is an added advantage for an ideal rental.

2. Reliable Wi-Fi and Internet Services

The internet has become a vital entity of the modern world. Although you’re on vacation, you should still be connected and updated on what is happening around the globe. Testing the Wi-Fi connection as soon as you check in is always a great idea. Knowing the speed and reliability from the beginning is important because nobody wants to run into Internet issues and be disconnected from friends and family.

When the internet services are working correctly, you can enjoy streaming services as well as get the best coverage for the cable TV. This will give you the chance to follow your favorite TV shows on Netflix or any other network. Be keen to know if the connectivity of the apartment or condo is convenient and efficient.

3. Tours & Local Activities

Sometimes you might get bored of the indoor activities like playing board games and cards. You should rent a vacation household that gives you additional services of exploring the region. It is not safe to look for these services elsewhere.

Alternatively, if you are a do-it-yourself (DIY) person, the management of the vacation rental should provide you with the local maps and guidebooks. There should also be a list of recommendations of the best places to visit in the area. If the vacation rental package includes chauffeur services, even better.

4. Outdoor Space & Accessories

A perfect vacation rental should be able to anticipate for all the possible outdoor activities indulged by the guests. This list should start with the essential beach supplies such as the body boards or inflatables, towels and fold-up chairs.

It will be a delight to have a private pool in the premises of a vacation rental because sometimes the beach is crowded. Also, a vacation rental can incorporate exercise activities such as cycling for the guests who want to keep in shape during their stay.

5. Restrictions & House Rules

You should ask if there are any restrictive house rules. There is nothing that spoils a vacation experience than a rental that comes with a catalog of regulations you should follow. Some rental houses don’t like having guests who put loud music, do parties, have barbecues or park a fleet of cars on the compound. Be careful to consider your preferences and figure out whether the rules will limit the scope of celebrating your vacation.

Barcelona is an amazing city to explore and fortunately there are many rental options for you to choose from. Know that not all vacation rentals offer the features that they advertise so be sure to rent properties with stellar reviews in order to avoid a disappointment.