Arnon Dror is a seasoned professional who has had a successful career  as an executive and several Portland Oregon companies. Throughout his career he is home his skills as an operations executive managing employees and projects successfully for the companies at which is worth. He’s called upon his past experiences to layout ideas and strategies for managers seeking to be inspirational. Here are some of his best tips that will be effective for any manager.

Pay Attention

Working in a small company that is constantly competing for market share and profits is often a frenetic situation. People are running in and out of the business, job responsibilities may be blurred with you being asked to assume a role that you were not hired for, and employees might not last very long at your company. As a result there’s a tendency to shut down generally and only pay attention to the specifics of your job. When you do this, you likely lose out on valuable information that can help lead to success for your company. You need to always position yourself so that you can pay attention to everything that’s going on in your immediate area and in your company.

It is important to keep in mind that all areas of the company are interconnected. What the sales people are doing connect directly with finance, marketing, manufacturing, logistics R&D and operations. When you choose to ignore or not pay attention to any of these areas, what they’re doing and what problems they may be running into, you jeopardize the area of the business that you are operating it. So fight the urge to cut yourself off from the bigger picture and pay attention to everything going on at your company. This approach will make you a better manager and able to make better decisions for the company.


The best management advice that Anon Dror can offer managers is for you to always have an open ear for your employees. Managers are typically overwhelmed and maybe overseeing a large group of employees, with a responsibility to ensure that those employees perform at the highest level.  You might also have a specific Style that you utilize to manage your employees and the projects assigned to you. This style might include very clear-cut regulations on how things are supposed to work, the chain of command, and ways to interact with each other.

However if your style does not include doing more listening than talking, you need to make modifications. Employees today list being heard as a core reason for loving their jobs. The good ones want to know for sure that when they have a question, comment, or complaint, that there is a willing ear to listen who will give it consideration. If this is not the case, you will find yourself challenge to keep good employees. So if anyone comes to you and wants to bend your ear, take the time to listen, and treat what they’re telling you seriously.

Praise Generously

The list of rewards that employees receive from their job do not only include financial things, They also include things like feeling respected and receiving praise for a job well done. Managers who praise their employees often, have happier employees who are more likely to work hard and be more forgiving. You should pay close attention to when your employees do something praiseworthy and take the time to single out one or all of them when this occurs. This minor act of appreciation goes a very long way, and will certainly make you more popular and more respected.

If you choose to implement any of these ideas into your management strategies, you will find that the response will be very well received by your employees and your company’s owners.