While many credit card companies use rewards programs to try to entice consumers to keep coming back, offers across the industry have traditionally been both consistent and lackluster, until now. Brim Financial is shaking things up by allowing merchants to take loyalty to another level with their open rewards platform. This has given merchants the ability to propose special offers to cardholders based on their spending, rewarding customers more than any other card on the market. 

“By giving our merchants the ability to recognize a loyal customer and offer more points, they’re incentivizing them to come back,” said Rasha Katabi, CEO and founder of Brim Financial. “It’s elevating both the customer and merchant experience.”

The point offerings through Brim Financial are vast, including merchant partners like Amazon, Netflix, Spotify, Uber Eats, Hello Fresh, among many others. Customers who regularly use these vendors are rewarded for their repeat purchases, with up to 5x the points; which means the more you spend, the more you can be rewarded for your loyalty. 

Brim is putting control back into the hands of consumers with the ability to set up installment payments. For any purchase over $500, cardholders can build a pay-back strategy that works with their monthly budget. This is a revolutionary concept, as installment payments were typically merchant-specific and payback periods tend to be set by the company, not the customer. Never before has a credit company allowed consumers to pick and choose their own payment plan on specific purchases. 

Brim’s online access allows consumers to see and track exactly what they are spending in real time, making the Brim card the perfect choice for young adults. Parents have full transparency over the purchases being made and even have the ability to lock the card in real time. 

Katabi has continued to push the boundaries of what credit cards can do. “We keep adding, building and innovating on this platform. It’s just the beginning.”