Continuous Learning

It was my friend Alexander Sabadash who first introduced me to the idea of going back to school, despite having left education over a decade ago. Alexander had decided on a change of careers and wanted to set up his own business, in order to give him the tools to do this he enrolled in a business studies course whilst he was still in his old job. To be completely honest I had no desire to do something like this, despite what Alexander believed, and I just didn’t see much value in it. Having seen the benefits that Alexander has been able to count on by learning something new, I was inspired to do the same and so I took a marketing course with a view to try and start my own online business, and I am so pleased that I did. There are so many reasons why you should go back to education as an adult, and here are just a handful. 

Stay Young

Regardless of your reasons for going back into education as an adult there is a clear benefit which has been scientifically proven, which is that by continuing to test your brain and learn new things, you can keep it in much better shape as you age. The more you work your brain the healthier it is and that can help you to prevent brain related diseases and issues when you get older. 

Career Change

What Alexander did took a great deal of hard work and bravery but it does show that if you want a career change but don’t feel as though you can, there is an option out there for you. Many people study throughout high school and college and then get the career of their choice, which they then invest many years in. These people may think that they want a change but ultimately, they think that they have missed the boat. The truth is however that you can go back to education and re-start with a career which you really love. 

Meeting People

Meeting new people is far more difficult for adults than it is for teenagers, and this is because we are just in fewer places with fewer people than when you are young. If however you take on a short course or even a longer course like a diploma or a degree, you are going to meet new people who you have something in common with, a great way to make new friends. 

Starting a Business

Even if you aren’t looking for a change of career you can always look to set up a side business and in order to do that you can take a number of short courses which will give you the additional skills and tools which you need to get started. Many people in my marketing course were there for that reason and those that I have stayed in touch with have done very well for themselves alongside their day job. 

Learning something new is exciting and can really help you out in your life and your career, why not give it a shot?