Dropship Software

Dropshipping isn’t a new concept but more companies are all of a sudden taking notice and starting to try it out for the first time. Not sure what dropshipping even is? To put it simply dropshipping is when you sell products but don’t actually keep those products on hand.

Basically you are responsible from getting the product from the manufacturer or another retailer to the customer. It is a great option if you don’t want to make a large initial investment on inventory supply, but there are still some challenges involved.

The best way to ease these challenges is by investing in a dropship software. Now that the world of dropshipping is continuing to grow there are tons of softwares and services to choose from. Keep reading to learn about 4 features that a dropship software should include before you make the investment.

Real-time inventory control and management

This is the whole point in implementing a dropship software. The most challenging aspect of dropshipping is having control of your inventory, mostly because you don’t actually have an inventory on hand. This makes it difficult to know exactly what is in stock from your vendors.

With a dropship your products you can’t actually meander around a warehouse with a checklist to see what you have and what you don’t have. You can, however, invest in a software that keeps tabs on your vendors’ available inventory.

The proper software will give you real-time updates of available vendor inventory. This is extremely important so that your customers don’t order a product from you just to find that your vendor doesn’t actually have that product. With the software you can keep exact counts of everything so that your customers stay happy.

Several options for calculating shipping rates

Knowing how much to charge for shipping can also be a huge challenge for dropshipping. Remember that you won’t actually be shipping the product yourself, but instead it will be shipped from the manufacturer or another retailer.

You can either choose to charge a flat shipping rate or charge specific rates depending on order types and location of customers. Your best bet is to offer a tool that provides real-time shipping rates so that you aren’t overcharging or undercharging for shipping.

Stellar customer service reviews

You should not choose a dropship software that has not reviews to speak of its capabilities. Things in the ecommerce world don’t always go as planned so chances are you’ll have to contact the customer service department at some point to help you with problem solving. Find a software and service that has good reviews from fellow dropshippers and will give you the support you need in times of trouble.

Plenty of marketing tools to further your business

Your software might also be able to help you with marketing aspects within your business. This isn’t always the case but if it is something that you’re interested find a software that provides several services. Maybe you’ll be able to receive help with email marketing, SEO content writing, or cart abandonment features for your customers.