Europe is a fantastic place that offers something for everybody, whether they wish to live there or visited. It is also the ideal place for property investors, In part due to its diversity, but also because there are many emerging economies where the potential for growth is significant, the risk is very low, and the initial investment is very small. Professionals like Yigang Tang are very aware of the different markets of interest and have now agreed on the five most popular countries to invest in.

Yigang Tang on the Top 5 European Investment Countries

  1.  Bulgaria. It joined the EU in 2007, which led to huge foreign investment, with a focus on construction and infrastructure period buying in Bulgaria in 2018 means that you are buying into almost guaranteed growth. The Black Sea coast is incredibly popular as a tourist destination during the summer and the country is also developing numerous ski resorts for winter.
  2.  Croatia. This has also recently achieved full EU membership and both residential and commercial real estate investment opportunities exist. Numerous international businesses are now placing their headquarters in this country and there is a particular demand for office space and light industrial space. Additionally, the country has a significant tourism industry, which is of greater interest to the real estate investor as rental yields are increasing tremendously.
  3.  Cyprus. Cyprus is complex to understand because there is the Republic of Cyprus in which the property market is very established, particularly for retirees, but there is also Northern Cyprus. Northern Cyprus is a strong in emerging economy and there is a huge potential for growth there. There are no signs of property price increases slowing down so if you want to strike there you need to do it now.
  4.  The Czech Republic. Prague, its capital city, has long been the only city in which investors have been interested in this country. However, it now seems people are diversifying, in part due to the booming tourism industry in this country. Brno is proving to be a particularly popular destination for tourists and investors alike.  Indeed comma in this area, there has been an influx of expats who spent the retirement years there and rental rates have been increasing significantly as a result.
  5.  Estonia. The capital of Estonia is Tallinn and nowhere else is it so clear that the economy of the country is truly booming. Suddenly, people have huge purchasing power here and this is translating into an increase in property prices. That said, these prices are still much more affordable than anywhere else in the developed world, making it a very interesting investment opportunity.

These are just five countries in Europe that foreign investors may want to consider. All of these countries have a strong tourism and industrial market, meaning that it is interesting for both residential and commercial real estate investments. Additionally, they are all five wonderful countries to visit her even to live in.