The Secrets to Helping Your Partner Experience Squirting Bliss

If your partner wants to squirt, she’ll need to be relaxed. Start with low-impact forms of foreplay like a full-body massage, mutual masturbation, or dirty talk.

Next, locate your G-spot by gently caressing the vaginal opening with two fingers in a come hither motion. This area has ridges similar to the roof of your mouth and is sensitive to stimulation.

Know Your Partner’s Mood

Knowing your partner’s mood is crucial in helping them experience squirting bliss. People in bad moods often take their negative emotions out on those around them, including the ones they love the most. This can suck the pleasure right out of intimate encounters. Instead of taking their mood personally, removing yourself from the situation and giving them space is best. This isn’t easy, but it can help you avoid getting sucked into a cycle of anger and negative thoughts that will keep you from reaching squirting bliss.

There are many reasons why your partner may be in a bad mood. For example, they might struggle with financial difficulties or experiencing health issues. If you can identify the trigger, you can address it to prevent future mood swings.

For example, if your partner tends to get irritable when bills come due at the end of the month, you can ask them to talk about it with you. This will allow you to see the situation from their perspective and find a solution together. This will also show them you care about their well-being and want to keep the relationship strong. Taking their bad moods personally can be tempting, but doing this will only worsen the situation.

Know Your G-Spot

The G-spot, sometimes called the clitoral cleft or the female prostrate, is a pleasure center that can cause squirting and help women reach vaginal orgasm. But it can be challenging to find and stimulate.

Luckily, there are some tricks you can use to make it easier to locate the G spot and increase your chances of hitting this pleasurable sensation. For starters, it’s essential that your partner feels safe with you, so it’s a good idea to get to know them a little bit before getting into the bedroom.

So, how to make my wife squirt? To start, you can try stimulating the G-spot by inserting your finger in the opening of your vagina and gently massaging it with your other hand. This helps to bring blood into the area, which makes it more accessible for play. Next, you can move around with your fingers and even use a sex toy to create stimulating pressure on the inner vaginal wall.

If you feel comfortable doing so, stimulate the G-spot more intimately, such as with a cowgirl position. This position can stimulate the G-spot more effectively and other erogenous zones like the clitoral head and nipples. This can also be a great way to increase stimulation during penetration.

Know How to Stimulate Your Partner’s G-Spot

To give your partner an excellent pleasure experience, you’ll need to know how to stimulate their G-spot. Fortunately, there are many techniques you can try. Regardless of your choice, starting slowly and gently and gradually increasing speed and pressure is essential. For most women, changing processes constantly doesn’t work because the clitoris needs rhythm and consistency to become aroused.

Morse says fingers are usually the best way to hit the G spot. You can begin by stroking the area with your thumb and index finger, then move on to a more intense touch using your middle finger. You can also use a sex toy to control the depth and angle of penetration to find your partner’s G spot. A deeper reach will be more effective because it encourages the G-spot to engage with the clitoral, a cluster of nerves that stretches from the G-spot down to the pudendal nerve.

It’s also worth experimenting with sexual positions that can create more intimate contact with the G-spot. For example, a woman on her back with her lover straddling her — a place known as the cowgirl position — can create sensational G-spot stimulation. Or, you could try crouching on all fours and inserting a lubricated finger or sex toy from behind in a ‘doggy style’ motion. Remember, though, that the G-spot doesn’t feel pleasurable for everyone — and if it doesn’t make you squirt, that’s okay!

Know When to Stop

If you’re trying to push her towards a squirting orgasm, stroking and stimulating her G-spot with your hands can get very intense. The key here is to know when to stop and not continue until she’s in overdrive and squirting all over the bed!

Add some pressure once you’ve been stroking her G-spot, and she groans in pleasure. Press firmly, but not hard enough to hurt her. Then move your hand to just above her clitoris, almost cupping it with the fingers in the middle and ring. Your whole hand moves, even the two fingers on the outside are rubbing back and forth, stimulating her clit and adding more pressure as you go up and down.

This can cause an intense orgasm, usually when women begin to squirt. If she’s on her period, she may also experience some relief from the pain of her period, as the endorphins and corticosteroids produced by orgasms will help to alleviate cramping.

This is an advanced technique, but if you keep practicing it and learning the best ways to stimulate your partner, one day soon, you’ll be able to help her squirt during sex. Good luck! And remember – always use a high-quality water-based lube. It’s the safest and most effective. And make sure to get plenty of extra sheets because you’ll be going through many of them!